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Darius Rucker Shares Thanksgiving Message for Fans: ‘Grateful for All of You’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Darius Rucker wants to wish all of his fans and follows a very Happy Thanksgiving. The country singer says he’s thankful to all of them for their support.

On Twitter, Rucker wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful and grateful for all of you!”

Darius Rucker’s Favorite Part of Thanksgiving Is the Food

For Rucker, Thanksgiving is about spending time with both family and loved ones. The country singer does love to eat though and feasting on all the traditional Thanksgiving meals.

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is easy – it’s food. It’s eating,” Rucker said. “It’s hanging out with family and getting some great food, ‘cause that’s really what Thanksgiving [is]. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all of the great things you’ve got, and I always give thanks for the greatest thing I’ve got and that’s my family.”

Rucker is a thankful man and is grateful for his blessings. He’s even based some of his songs on the theme of being grateful like “This.” The hit song tells of a narrator being thankful for missed opportunities in life because it ultimately led him to the family that he has. The song is similar in themes to Garth Brooks’ “Unanswered Prayers,” with a more familial focus.

Besides food and family, football makes up the trilogy of Big Fs for Rucker on Thanksgiving. The country singer is a big NFL fan, and he enjoys Thanksgiving because of the downtime. He gets to watch his favorite sport freely.

“I’m so passionate about football, just like I am about my music,” he told ESPN. “Thanksgiving Day is my favorite sports day of the year. It’s crazy how much football you get to watch (laughs) on Thanksgiving Day, so I really like that a lot. Thanksgiving is big for me.”