Darius Rucker Is Speaking the Truth About the ‘Two Seasons in a Year’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Darius Rucker speaks for most of us when it comes to dividing a year into seasons.

Forget seasons like winter or spring. Skip the holidays. Here at Outsider, we endorse the country star’s tweet from Sunday afternoon.

“There (are) two seasons in a year,” Darius Rucker said. “Football season and waiting for football season!!!”

And as Darius Rucker will tell you — and we all can attest — football season is in full swing this month from the Friday Night Lights of high school to the amped-up NFL. So there’s no more waiting!

Rucker’s favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. He loves the team so much that he sang about them in his first pop hit. This was when he was the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. Remember the song Only Wanna Be with You? You probably thought it was a love song. But nope, because it’s a Darius Rucker song, there’s a football reference. You know that lyric I’m such a baby, yeah, the dolphins make me cry.” He’s talking about the Dolphins that frolic in Hard Rock Stadium.

Plus, Darius Rucker loves the Dolphins so much he named his firstborn after Dan Marino. Rucker’s daughter goes by Dani.

Darius Rucker Picked Up Love of Football From His Family

Rucker got his love for football in the way most of us do. We watched the games with our families. But Rucker was a bit of a contrarian when it came to team loyalty.

“When I was five years old, the Dolphins played the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl,” Darius Rucker recalled. “And they lost and my whole family was pulling for the Cowboys. I said I loved the Dolphins and I started pulling for them, and I became a big fan. The next year they went undefeated. It was awesome. It was great and all through the years, they’ve had such great players and I’ve gotten to be friends with my favorite player. My favorite athlete of all time is Dan Marino and it all came from my love of the Dolphins.” 

Rucker’s college allegiance is to the South Carolina Gamecocks. That’s his alma mater. Two years ago, he donated money to help build a recording studio in the athletic department.

But knowing how much love Darius Rucker has for the Dolphins and the Gamecocks, this weekend must’ve been difficult, even if it’s in the best season of the year. The Buffalo Bills smoked his Dolphins, 35-0. And starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa left the game with a rib injury. He got to the sideline under his own power, but rode a cart to the locker room for more tests. Dolphins coach Brian Flores said Tagovailoa will continue to be evaluated, Monday.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Bulldogs trounced the Gamecocks, 40-13, Saturday night. So, if you’re keeping count this weekend for Darius Rucker and his most glorious season of the year, it’s 75-13 for the bad guys.

But we feel ya, Darius Rucker. Football season always is glorious.