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Darius Rucker Teases New Album Is Sooner Than You Expect

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)

Country music star Darius Rucker dropped a few hints that his new album will be out soon in 2022.

The Boot reports there’s no release date yet, but Rucker’s hoping some new material comes out early next year. Maybe, his new stuff will coincide with his upcoming “Darius Rucker Live” theater tour that starts in late February.

His last studio album came out in 2017 with “When Was The Last Time.”

Rucker Tour Comes Off Eventful 2020

Around the 55th Annual CMA Awards, the 55-year-old Rucker told Taste of Country that the new album needed one more vocal to record and some mixing. But he didn’t give a date for its upcoming release.

“You know, with the pandemic and all the stuff going on in my life, there was a whole bunch of stuff to write songs about,” he said. 

Lots of things have happened to the star recently. The performer’s three children are practically adults now. Also, Darius Rucker and his wife of 20 years divorced in 2020. Also, a former girlfriend nearly overdosed, and three of her friends died from a lethal fentanyl-cocaine combination at a Sept. 4 party. Katy Quigley told The Daily Mail that Rucker was not happy with his comments about her health. 

Rucker Goes Into His Album

In November, Darius Rucker told Page Six that his album would come out in February 2022 and talked about a few songs.

He told the website that, “there’s a couple of songs that are pretty out there, that are pretty true, pretty vulnerable, pretty deep, me saying exactly how I feel … so there’s definitely going to be a lot of me dealing with my life in song.”

Rucker said that one song came to him when he sat down and wrote out his feelings. 

“There’s a song called’ Never Been Over’ I wrote with John Osborne, from Brothers Osborne. It’s just, every time I hear it, it gets me,” the Charleston, S.C, native said.

Darius Rucker said the album writing came easy as it was both fun and therapeutic. He wrote his fun, pre-pandemic “Beers and Sunshine” song in March 2020 and got to perform it at the Grand Ole Opry in October.

Rucker starts Dec. 8 with a CMT Crossroads Christmas event as part of the Brett Young and Friends group. From there, the tour picks back up on Feb. 17 in Pittsburgh. He’ll take a little European trip in the middle of that tour with March dates in Ireland and the United Kingdom before returning to St. Louis on Mar. 17. He wraps up the short tour in San Antonio on Apr. 2.

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