Darius Rucker Wants to ‘Petition’ NFL to Play Everyday, Watches Football Like a ‘Religion’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, we agree, Darius Rucker. Where can we sign that football petition?

It seems that when Darius Rucker isn’t performing, he’s watching football. Or thinking about watching it. He loves it so much, even the thought of football can get him through a mundane Tuesday.

The country star said in a recent interview: “When football is being played on Saturday and Sunday and Thursday, it just feels like all is right with the world.”

Or, “when I know that there’s a game on Thursday night, I go, “Tuesday and Wednesday is not that bad.”

Monday Night Football even makes what usually is the bleakest day of the week into a giant party. Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles tonight can get you through until Thursday. Trust us.

Darius Rucker has appointed himself a de facto lobbyist for football fans everywhere. “I am trying to petition the NFL to play every day. I love it so much!”

Rucker spent Sunday watching his favorite people, taking in the Miami Dolphins versus the Las Vegas Raiders. His Dolphins were on the road. And the Dolphins lost a heartbreaker. Daniel Carlson, the ace kicker for the Raiders, was good from 22 yards as time expired in overtime to give Las Vegas the 31-28 victory. Since he’s a super football fan, Darius Rucker probably applauded a story like the Raiders. After all, the team is off to its best start since 2002, with two of its three wins clinched in overtime.

A week ago, Darius Rucker posted a photo of himself from Hard Rock Stadium. He captioned it: Yesterday with my fam!!! Dan Marino and Jimbo Covert. My boys!! Thanks for inviting me, Miami Dolphins!”

That’s how much pull Rucker has with Miami. He posing with the Dolphins’ best-ever quarterback. Covert is a former All-Pro with the Chicago Bears. And the Dolphins probably maybe Darius Rucker cry, considering they lost 35-0 to the Buffalo Bills. After the game, Rucker, however briefly, got mad at his favorite sport. He tweeted: Football sucks!!!!!!

Darius Rucker Loves Two Football Teams. On Saturday He Watches Gamecocks

On Saturdays, you’ll find Darius Rucker cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks. So far, they’re 2-2. But the Gamecocks have suffered two losses in a row, both of them SEC games.

Still, since it’s football, it’s all good. So allow Darius Rucker to gush some more. Football may win over performing one day.

“I love watching it that sometimes it’s hard to get me to go on stage because usually, you know, we play on the weekends,” Rucker said. “Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, there is football on. It’s hard to get me motivated to go on stage. Once you hit the stage, you are fine. I am always like, “Five more minutes!” and they are like, “No! We gotta go now.” It affects me a lot.”

“I watch football like a religion.”