Dennis Quaid Producing Upcoming Charley Pride Biopic

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images)

Charley Pride is unfortunately no longer with us, but Dennis Quaid is set to start work on a biopic about the country music star.

With his brand new production company Bonniedale, there will be a number of films made. His wife Laura Quaid is part of the new venture. Ben Howard who produced Blue Miracle joins the company to form the trio. First up on the list is American Pride.

As one of the most iconic and important figures in country and western music, Charley Pride deserves a biopic. The script is currently being worked on by Dianne Houston. She has previously worked on Empire. Behind the camera, Craig Brewer will direct. As for Quaid, he will not just produce but will be a star in the film as well.

The Parent Trap actor is set to take the role of “Cowboy” Jack Clement. The legendary songwriter worked side by side with Pride throughout his career. Of course, Dennis Quaid is a musician himself and has a connection to Clement as well. The songwriter was a mentor for the actor during his music career.

It’s clear that Quaid and the rest of the production crew have nothing but respect for Charley Pride. The singer passed away last December at the age of 86 years old. Since then, there have been a number of dedications to the singer.

He was a big historical figure as much as he was a great country music artist.

Dennis Quaid on Historical Importance of Country Icon

When it comes to the importance of Pride, Dennis Quaid does not mince his words. He understands the role that Pride played in his career and what it means for so many other people in the country.

“Charley Pride was the Jackie Robinson of country music,” Quaid said to Deadline. “He became a star at a time when that didn’t seem possible. It is a very interesting story of a man getting his dreams, the relationship with he and his wife over 50 years, and how difficult it was for Pride to be regarded by people of his own color who gravitated to other forms of music, much less C&W fans in the south who were resistant to welcoming a Black singer into the fold.”

I have a feeling this biopic is going to be done very well.

Charley Pride Knew About Biopic Idea

One of the best parts about this new project is that Pride himself was approached by Quaid about it. The actor and director talked with and met with the country singer and his wife Rozene before he passed last year. Dennis Quaid even knows all about Pride’s baseball career before his singing career took off.

It was when Charley Pride started to sing before games that he was noticed. It seemed like a fast track to stardom after that. For decades, Pride represented the unrepresented in country music. This biopic will surely honor that.