Did Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Tie the Knot This Weekend?

by Halle Ames

Did Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finally tie the knot without anyone knowing this past weekend? Possibly!

For months, fans and celebrities have been wondering when music superstars Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were going to finally get hitched. But, with everyone hoping for an invitation or a chance to sing at the event, maybe it became too much, and the couple did it in secret?

But where do these rumors stem from? Well, photos have surfaced online and to the New York Post of Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and one of her sons, seven-year-old Apollo. The little family was out for a Saturday stroll in a Santa Monica park when a sneaky photographer may have spotted another special ring on her finger.

With the help of the trusty zoom tool, fans see TWO diamond-studded rings on the 51-year-old pop artist’s finger. Could it be an engagement ring and a “sparkling diamond band?”


Gwen Stefani took to Instagram a few days ago to show off what appears to be a wedding or bridal shower. The photo shows Stefani clutching a white present with a green and pink bow. In her other hand, Stefani sips from her empty glass of wine. Her nails and her lips also match in a cherry red color—a lovely touch.

In the top left corner of the image, the words “SHE’S GETTING MARRIIIEEEEED” are written in bold white letters. Furthermore, her ring finger is hidden from eagle-eyed fans’ view.

Gwen Stefani notes that she was “kidnapped” to attend the celebratory event.

“Feeling loved, feeling blessed,” she wrote in the caption for the bridal shower post.”

Blake Shelton also revealed how Stefani is doing with all the wedding planning as well as maintaining a booming career.

“I want her to do all of that stuff and handle it because it’s going to be great,” Shelton said. “She’s in the middle of planning the thing, and she’s always so mindful… of me. She’s like, ‘Hey, I don’t want to just take this thing over.’ I think she’s having a blast doing it. I mean, I know she’s having a blast doing it.”

Long Awaited

So far, neither Blake Shelton or Gwen Stefani has commented on the rumors. However, they have shared that sometime this summer, the two want to make things official. It’s about time!

After meeting on The Voice as celebrity judges, the two instantly hit it off. Stefani was just coming out of a nearly 14-year marriage with Gavin Rossdale. Shelton was also going through his second divorce, first with Kaynette Williams and then fellow country singer Miranda Lambert.

Since 2015, the country and pop singers have been in item. However, after a lengthy quarantine at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch, he finally popped the question in October of 2020. And boy, was that ring worth the wait.

I just need to see a photo of Gwen Stefani in a wedding dress. That is all I ask since my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.