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Did Walker Hayes Share a Sneak Peek of Unreleased Country Song With Spanish Lyrics in New Video?

by Jacklyn Krol
Jason Mendez, Getty Images

Walker Hayes is sharing dancing videos, and may have given fans a peak of an unreleased song in Spanish.

What Walker Hayes Posted

Hayes is seen dancing with his daughter doing viral TikTok moves paired with Salsa couple’s dancing. “She made the dance. I made the song #aydiosmio #daddydaughtertiktoks #dancin,” he captioned the clip. The audio itself is an original from the @WalkerHayes account, meaning he did actually create the song. Only time will tell if he releases the full song.

In the same video posted to Instagram, he tagged two fellow artists. “My hips don’t lie🕺 she made the dance I made the song…with @sammyarriaga and @emilykfalvey how’s my Español? You won’t do it,” he wrote.

Sammy Arriaga is a Hispanic country artist who has previously incorporated the language into some of his music. Emily Falvey is a songwriter at SMACK Songs.

Watch the video, below.

Walker on Fatherhood

His approach to fatherhood is about his children knowing that they are supported. “It’s important that your father loves you and that you know it,” he told Fatherly. “I know it’s important from being a son. I know my dad loves me. It has helped me to grow into a man. I always want them to know I’m in their corner.”

So how does he show them that? “We don’t wake up as their parents and know every single thing we’re doing,” he continued. “I tell my 13-year-old all the time that we’re learning as we go along. It’s important to teach them to forgive themselves and each other. I’m not sure I’ve mastered that. I’ve got a long way to go.”

As for what he hopes for his children’s future, he hopes that they explore and discover new things. “To borrow a phrase from Kelsea Ballerini, I want my kids to unapologetically aspire towards things, he said. “There’s nothing cooler than watching your kid fall in love with something. Even if you don’t get it. My son is a gamer. He’s passionate about it. I don’t relate. I don’t get it. But I love listening to him love something. We do everything we can to encourage them to experiment creatively. There’s no sport they can’t try. There’s no musical instrument they can’t touch.”