Dierks Bentley Bids His Pilot and Friend Farewell As He Leaves the ‘Dude Road Family’

by Anna Dunn
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 20: Musician Dierks Bentley invites a fan on stage to "Shotgun A Beer With Dierks" at FivePoint Amphitheatre on August 20, 2021 in Irvine, California. (Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)

In a new post, Dierks Bently says goodbye to his pilot and friends as he leaves the “Dude road Family.” Bentley has been busy on tour and owes a lot of thanks to the guy who helps him take to the skies.

He posted the sweet goodbye message to his Instagram yesterday.

“Aaaaaaaaaand from the cockpit folks, this is your Captain Holden Johnson speaking. Welcome aboard flight 5150, we do appreciate you flying the smooth air that’s Dude Air. In case of a water landing, make sure your beer is placed firmly inside your coozie,” he joked.

“Folks, your co-pilot today @astephens1110, aka Austin randy “savage” peters Stephens (jr?) is headed for the greener (white-r ?!) pastures of Sioux Falls SD,” Dierks Bentley announced.

“He’s been part of the Dude road family for 6 years, a damn good pilot and a helluva a friend. He will be missed. Hope you’ll join me in wishing him good luck on his next adventure. And remember Peters: sniff the….magenta,” he wrote. “And if you’re not clackin, you’re slackin. Alright folks, sit back, relax and … you know the rest.”

Dierks Bently hasn’t just been busy with his own solo performances. He’s also doing a lot of performances with other country artists. In a recent concert, Miranda Lambert performed “Midnight Rider” with Brothers Osborne and Dierks Bently.

Thankfully, despite the business of touring and the fact that his pilot is moving on, Bently loves performing for fans, saying playing live is the “Best Feeling” in an Entertainment Tonight interview.

“It’s the best feeling,” he said. “the second my boots, like, touch the stage, it’s like electricity coming up through the floorboards. I’m just I’m so excited to be out there!”

Dierks Bently Gave a Fellow Country Star A Funny Wedding Gift

When country star and The Voice coach Blake Shelton got married to pop sensation Gwen Stefani, Dierks Bently congratulated the happy couple. The two got married in private.

“It’s really cool, the way that his wedding’s private like that, I’m so happy for him,” he said in the Entertainment Tonight interview. “He found Gwen and he’s doing so well, great music, recording together. He’s doing so great.”

Dierks Bently had a hilarious response when asked what he got Shelton and Stefani for their wedding.

“My presence at ‘The Voice’ was his present,” he joked. But he also loved being on The Voice. The Voice hosts a ton of guest stars to help out the singers and also perform.

Now, he’s on the road and on tour. Dierk’s Bently’s next stops are in Nashville Tennessee, Kissimmee Florida, Virginia Beach Virginia, Raleigh North Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina.