Dierks Bentley on Chance to Win CMA Male Vocalist of the Year: ‘Would Be Nice’

by Samantha Whidden

He has received a nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year for the CMA Award multiple times over the years, and while he hasn’t actually won the award (yet), Dierks Bentley is sharing his thoughts about potentially being a winner. 

During a recent interview with Taste of Country, Dierks Bentley declared it would be nice to win the award eventually. “I’ve been telling people for years I’m a better singer than Chris Stapleton, and no one believes me,” the country singer joked.

Dierk Bentley then stated that if he had the “hardware” that was backed by scientific data, people might actually start believing him. “When I say, ‘Yo, I’ve been telling you I’m a much better singer than Chris Stapleton and look, I have this plastic trophy here to prove it.’ It would really help put an end to the argument. I just don’t understand how people don’t understand that.”

Dierks Bentley goes on to admit that it is hard to be in a category with Stapleton. “But I am super honored to be nominated.”

According to the CMA Awards search, Dierks Bentley has been nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year nearly 10 times. His first nomination for the category was in 2006. Along with Male Vocalist of the Year, Bentley has been nominated for Music Video of the Year for his single Gone. The CMA Awards will take place this Wednesday (November 10th) on ABC.

Dierks Bentley Opens Up About His Single ‘Gone’

During a July 2021 interview with Good Morning America, Dierks Bentley described his single Gone as quite special. “It’s probably the one word that really sums up the year for people,” the country singer revealed. He then noted that he loved that the song was actually about a relationship.

“Because I don’t think anyone wants to drive around listening to a song about COVID,” Dierks Bentley stated. While chatting about music in general, Bentley explained he wished there was a “sure-fire” method to making a hit single. “There’s some intangible thing about music. I guess that’s what we love about it.”

Dierks Bentley then said that music has to be a level of authenticity mixed in with the right hook. It also has to have melody and lyrics that touch hearts. “It’s a formula that you can’t come with mathematically. You just have to trust your gut when you hear something. Believe in it. And hope other people feel the same way.”

In regards to celebrating the 18th anniversary of his self-titled debut album and no. 1 song What Was I Thinkin’, Dierks Bentley added, “That was a crazy time back then. It’s weird. I sing that song every night and it still feels brand new. A lot of things haven’t changed. And a lot of things have.”