Dierks Bentley Forced To Postpone Upcoming Concert Date

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Country Music Association )

While Dierks Bentley has been out on tour, things are coming to a halt for a bit. The country star took to social media to break the news. His show in Columbia, Maryland on Thursday is going to be canceled. Due to a positive covid test in the tour party, the entire thing is on hiatus until Friday. That is when they will be clear to hit the road again.

With the Delta variant prevalent across America, even vaccinated folks are having breakthrough cases. That seems to be the issue with the tour. On his Instagram page, Bentley explained everything with a graphic. He did not provide a caption and replies seem to be turned off on the post.

While Dierks Bentley and his entire tour party are vaccinated, a positive case has temporarily derailed things. So far on the tour, Bentley has been playing with some of his friends in country music. Breland and HARDY have been regular guests at shows. The three artists have one of the best songs of the summer with Beers on Me.

The song was released in August and quickly took off. Radio plays and streams made it one of the hottest songs out. Bentley’s tour has been very successful. Since the start, he has shared videos and photos. While the delay is unexpected, the good news is that the tour itself is still going. However, fans in Maryland will have to wait to see the Drunk On A Plane artist in concert.

Dierks Bentley Plays for Flood Relief

Now, touring is an important part of any artist’s success. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other priorities for a star like Dierks Bentley. Recently, Middle Tennessee was hit hard with floodwaters. Since then, communities have had to rebuild. While Loretta Lynn hosted her own event, Morgan Wallen got friends together too.

So, of course, Bentley took the time to come off the road for a moment. He joined up with Wallen and others to raise money for relief funds. It appears to have been a great success. Apparently, the event raised over $750k by the time it was all said and done. When artists come together like this, it means everyone wins. There were a group of fans that got to experience a great show and see a lot of wonderful artists. Also, folks are going to get the help that they need.

While the tour is postponed for a week, it isn’t the end of the world. Clearly, there are bigger issues than a concert being canceled. Thankfully, this didn’t happen around the benefit concert. If Dierks Bentley had missed such an important and cool event, it would have been a true shame.