Dierks Bentley Gets Entire Crowd Belting ‘I Hold On’ at Morgan Wallen’s Flood Relief Concert: VIDEO

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

One of the biggest names in the country music industry, singer and songwriter Dierks Bentley has built a massive fan base throughout his career.

Dierks Bentley has a large and loyal fan base that loves going to singer’s live concerts and shows. As it did with most everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic put a huge damper on the live music scene in 2020. Dierks Bentley certainly wasn’t immune to the chaos caused by the deadly pandemic and he was forced to cut out live shows for a period of time. Now, with COVID-19 restrictions beginning to loosen, Bentley and his fellow country artists are on the road once more. Bentley recently performed a live show to benefit victims of mass flooding across the southeast. In a testament to his popularity, Dierks Bentley was able to get the entire concert crowd to sing along to his 2014 hit song “I Hold On.”

The benefit concert to help flood victims was part of Dierks Bentley’s fellow country star, Morgan Wallen’s flood relief event. Let’s take a look at Dierks Bentley doing what he does best — firing up a country crowd.

“Been thinking of all the flood survivors,” Dierks Bentley says in his Thursday Twitter post. “Shout out to Morgan Wallen for asking me to be a part of his fundraiser tonight…with so many others. Every penny counts.”

Dierks Bentley Chips in on Flooding Relief Efforts

Dierks Bentley then provides a link to where donations can be made to assist flooding victims and their families. After the tweet went live, several country music fans responded in appreciation to the singer’s relief concert efforts. Many say they know people who were affected by the deadly flooding they wreaked havoc in Middle Tennessee.

“This is really a great thing that yall are doing here with this relief concert,” a fan writes. “There are a lot of people who need help out there because of this tragedy.”

“Awesome show and glad I could be there,” another fan says. “I know it is for a good cause which makes it extra special. I know there are many who are thankful for things like this.”

Morgan Wallen’s flooding relief concert was a huge success and marked the singer’s return to live music. It was the country music star’s first concert in well over a year. Along with Wallen and Dierks Bentley, the concert lineup also included other country stars such as Cole Swindell.

As of Thursday afternoon, the flooding relief show had raised more than $750,000 for middle Tennessee victims of the horrific event.

Dierks Bentley wasn’t through with social media for the day as he would take to Instagram later in the day to reveal some exciting news to his fans. The country star was nominated for two CMA Awards in the male vocalist and best video categories.