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Dierks Bentley Has ‘Newfound Appreciation’ for Nashville After Getting ‘Dragged Back’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Country music fans across the United States dream of the day they can get their butts to Nashville. Meanwhile, country artist Dierks Bentley shared he has a “newfound appreciation” for the Tennessee city after getting “dragged back” ahead of the New Year. Check out what he has to say about the experience below.

In stepping into 2022, Dierks Bentley shared with the Associated Press that he plans to channel a lot of gratitude into the positive things the new year has to offer. Along with that, Bentley’s newfound appreciation for Nashville comes as he’s been away for a year, after “not really wanting to come back.”

Dierks Bentley, an Arizona native, moved out west with his family to Colorado in 2020, and based on his Instagram posts, he seems more than content to spend life enjoying what that particular region of the country has to offer.

However, New Year’s Eve saw the country star return to Nashville for CBS‘s “New Year’s Eve Nashville Big Bash.” And while we might seem to think Bentley prefers his home out West, he most certainly enjoyed himself Friday night based on his latest Instagram post.

Following the party, Dierks Bentley shared with the outlet, “I kind of really enjoyed being back in Nashville and Tennessee.”

Even more so, however, he said, “This city’s really important to me. I feel like I’ve been an ambassador of Nashville for many years and the music scene here.”

As for his New Year’s resolution? “Keep being grateful, and keep enjoying the city, and keep trying to make great music.”

Dierks Bentley Plans to Release a New Album in 2022

While Nashville reigned supreme as the main topic during his interview with the AP, Dierks Bentley did mention he also plans to release a new album in 2022. That said, it gives us one more exciting thing to look forward to in the New Year.

It’s been quite a while since Dierks Bentley graced Outsiders with a brand new album, his last, The Mountain, debuting several years ago in 2018.

Bentley’s New Year’s resolution simply serves as further confirmation that we can expect new music in 2022. If you recall, the country star previously confirmed the fact just ahead of the 2021 CMA Awards late last year.

Of his new album, he shared it will be, “A whole different sound probably. It’s leaning a little more tradition[al] in some ways. It’s been tough to come down off the Mountain.” As we already know, Bentley confirmed, “I have so much love for that album, love the way we made it, and I still love being in those mountains.”

Two of Dierks Bentley’s singles off his previous track are “Gone” and his single which dropped earlier last summer, “Beers On Me.”

Now, we look forward to what the country star has to offer us in 2022.