Dierks Bentley Invites Daughter on Stage for Fun Duet at Houston Rodeo

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Evan Frost/NHLI via Getty Images)

Watch Dierks Bentley and his daughter perform on stage together at the Houston Rodeo. It’s a proud dad moment.

Dierks Bentley is a proud performer and dad after his show last weekend in Houston. His 13-year-old daughter Evie ends up joining him onstage to sing the ZZ Top classic, “Gimme All Your Lovin.'” The father-daughter jam session ends the show, and fans are impressed by Evie’s vocal chops.

Bentley and his daughter are wearing matching red flannels onstage, which just adds to the cuteness. After introducing Evie to the crowd of cheering fans, they sing the chorus of the track together. After this, Evie takes the spotlight and sings the next two verses all on her own.

At the end of the performance, the father-daughter duo leaves the Houston venue in a truck. What a perfect way to end the night and show that family always comes first!

Dierks Bentley’s Daughter On Her Performance

Dierks Bentley’s daughter is no stranger to the stage. Evie enjoys singing with her dad during his shows, and has grown a lot since making her first appearance. In 2012, she sang “Thinking of You” with her dad at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. She was just three years old at the time.

Growing up, she usually joins Bentley onstage to perform his 2016 track “Different for Girls.” Although she is growing up fast, Evie says performing on such large stages is still pretty nerve-wracking.

“It’s normal — it still feels different every time, but it’s super fun,” she says.

It is obvious that Dierks Bentley enjoys fostering his daughter’s passion for music. Using the hashtag #EvieOnInstagram, the country star shares clips of his little girl singing her heart out.

Fans are super supportive of Evie’s journey into music. The comments are all super kind and encouraging.

“I just watched a clip of your daughter Evie singing with you. Wow! Watch out for that child when she grows up! She’s pretty good,” one writes.

“You are doing a great job in helping your daughter to learn her singing skills. You are a great dad,” another comment reads.

Dierks Bentley enjoys singing with his daughter just as much as we enjoy watching it. In an interview with GMA, he calls these moments “gifts.”

“Evie has a great natural voice and she loves theater. I want her to just explore it on her own terms. But it really is a gift to get a chance to play music together on stage,” he says.

“It’s just so fun to look over there and see your daughter sing. It’s ridiculous. We’ll see if it goes somewhere, but she definitely has a much better voice than I do, that’s for sure.”