Dierks Bentley Jokingly Slams HARDY for Cutting Him out of ‘Epic Airplane Pic’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Sometimes, Dierks Bentley feels left out.

In a recent Twitter post, Bentley complained that he was left out of an epic picture during his own trip.

Country artist HARDY posted a series of photos that are on Bentley’s plane. He captions it, “Insert ‘drunk on a plane’ caption. Thx @DierksBentley for being a great host.” The post has a picture that is a group of people posing in front of the plane with the mountains as the background.

Unfortunately, Dierks Bentley was going to the bathroom at the time. He responded to HARDY’s post by writing, “Dang. A guy walks in to use the airport bathroom and gets cut out of the epic airplane pic. Thanks a lot!”

Looks like Bentley was the invisible host of the day.

Dierks Bentley’s Tour Bus Leaves Him Behind

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s been left behind when he’s meant to be the main attraction.

According to Hollywood.com, During his tour in 2016, the “Drunk on a Plane” singer was left in the dust by his own tour bus. He was at the Maryland Heights’ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Missouri.

Dierks Bentley took a selfie with a smile, letting his fans, possibly even his crew, know that he was still very much in Missouri.

“That moment when u walk outside ur dressing room and realise you’ve been oil spotted!”

He joked that he would have to catch an Uber to Indianapolis. They left him and were suddenly “Gone,” just like the artist sings about in his newest single.


HARDY: Country Songwriting Master

The man behind the Twitter interaction with Bentley is also the man behind a lot of country’s greatest hits.

He has written songs for artists like Florida Georgia Line and Morgan Wallen. However, he has taken a turn for himself and started working as an individual artist. In 2018, he released his EP “This Ole Boy” to celebrate his life growing up in the backwoods of Missouri.

His rock-country sound has a catchy vibe with important lyrics. He has a degree in songwriting, although it seems like some people don’t have a clue what that means.

“First of all, I say ‘commercial songwriting,’ and half the people think I’m writing Hot Pockets jingles! But I think it’s a cool thing to share with people that don’t know, even people that maybe wanna write songs or learn about it, to know that there’s a whole industry and, obviously, college majors based around it,” he told The Boot.

Since his debut as an artist, he has been hard at work. Most recently, he has released his album, “A ROCK.” This bold all-caps album features countless loud and rowdy songs.

Dierks Bentley posted a photo behind-the-scenes of one of HARDY’s recent performances at the Seven Peaks Festival in 2019.

He captioned the video, “HARDY seriously blew my mind. I am a FAN dude. Love that this video shakes and goes in and out of focus. That’s the way his whole set made me feel. Badass.”

He currently has a Top 25 song, “One Beer” with Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson.