Dierks Bentley Is ‘Living’ in Awesome New Hiking Pics With His Family

by Amy Myers

Country icon Dierks Bentley took his family on a scenic hike yesterday somewhere within the mountains of their new home state, Colorado.

In the photos that Dierks Bentley shared, his family gathers on a trailside bench together. While Bentley kneels beside his wife, Cassidy Black, of 16 years, his oldest child Evelyn, 12, leans into her mother.

Beside the bench on the dirt, youngest child Knox, 7, shields his eyes from the sun. In the second, Evie and her mom share a tight hug on the trail. And, in the final photo, Knox shows off his balance skills as he walks across a suspended log. He carries with him a wooden sword, akin to Escaliper. Bentley simply captions the post, “#living,” a reference to his recent hit song that celebrates the little moments in life that make him smile.

Although his photos only showed Evie and Knox, Dierks Bentley and Cassidy Black actually have three happy children. Their middle child, Jordan, is 10 years old.

Dierks Bentley Bases Single ‘Living’ Off Family

Few bonds are more special than that between a father and son. For Dierks Bentley, this is especially true. In the music video of his hit song, “Living,” Bentley and Knox go on all kinds of adventures together. From gladiator battles and ziplining in the backyard to arcade games and waterpark slides, the Bentley boys appear to have the time of their lives.

Throughout the video, it seems Knox picked up some of his father’s heartbreaker attitude as he flirts with the ice cream shop woman and gives a teddy bear to a young girl. At the end of the video, Bentley carries a worn-out Knox to the couch where they fall asleep together.

Apparently, most of the activities the Bentley boys did were common adventures for them.

“It was as fun as it looked,” Dierks Bentley shared. “We do dumb stuff all the time at my house. I’m usually wearing some sort of like Spider-Man mask and I’ve got a sword and he’s beating me up. … It’s a chance to hang out with my son on an off day and just do stuff we would do anyway — kind of on steroids.”

While Bentley got to have some quality one-on-one time with his son, he had some explaining to do with his two girls.

“Of course my other kids are waiting for their music video now,” Bentley said. “Jordan thinks we’re gonna go mountain climbing together and do ‘The Mountain’ video, so I’ve put myself in a little bit of a conundrum here.”

Here’s hoping we see more music videos with the Bentley crew in action.