Dierks Bentley Makes Intriguing Offer to Fans After ‘Beers On Me’ Becomes Most Added Song of the Week

by Katie Maloney

As all you Dierks Bentley fans already know, the country music star just dropped his latest song “Beers on Me.”

The song features fellow musicians Breland and HARDY. “Beers on Me,” is about putting your concerns aside for a night while enjoying a few beers with friends. During the song, the three of them sing, “Come on down, swing on by. Bring whatever’s been on your mind. Locals on tap and bottles on ice. Livin’ on feel-good standard time. My card’s on the bar, you’ve got nowhere to be. If you don’t come through, buddy, that’s on you. ‘Cause the beer’s on me, yeah, the beer’s on me.”

The song debuted less than a week ago and it’s already become the Most Added song on radio. To celebrate the accomplishment, Bentley offered to buy a round for all his country radio friends. He shared a photo of himself along with his co-performers HARDY and Breland. Along with the photo, he wrote “Thanks to all my friends at country radio for making #BeersOnMe the most added country song this week! Can’t wait to buy you a round when we see you out on the road this summer.”

What’s the Story Behind Dierks Bentley’s New Song?

Obviously, fans are loving “Beers on Me.” But what inspired Dierks Bentley to record the song? During a recent interview, Bentley shared the deeper meaning behind the song.

“It’s about the importance of just letting go,” said Bentley. “Whether it’s a weekend at your local bar with your friends or getting in the car and going to a live show, you just got to find a way to let it all go for a little bit.”

After the year we’ve all had. This is some pretty great advice from Dierks Bentley. It’s no wonder why the song is resonating so deeply with fans! Bentley added that it’s important to know when to fight and when to put it all aside and just relax.

“Pick your moments when you want to fight the fight, but at the same time, pick your moments when you want to stay quiet for a little while,” added Bentley. “Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to just not move forward for a little bit.”

Amen to that, Dierks Bentley! And Bentley isn’t just coming up with these wise words out of nowhere. He experienced, first hand, how beneficial it can be to simply get away from everything for a little while. During the pandemic, Bentley and his family went to live in his home in Colorado. And it was during that time away from the country music scene that he wrote “Beers on Me” along with friends Breland and HARDY.