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Dierks Bentley Mourns Death of Major Fan Who Passed After Short Battle With Cancer

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Dierks Bentley is in mourning. The country singer recently said goodbye to a diehard fan who eventually became a friend to Bentley.

Baylee Barradas was an inspiration to many, but she touched Bentley’s heart during a battle with cancer. Last month, Bentley had the honor of playing for Baylee in a private concert. Unfortunately, she recently succumbed to the disease leaving Bentley and people everywhere heartbroken.

Bentley took to social media to honor Baylee and discuss how she impacted his life in such a short time. She changed how he views the importance of music. For instance, Bentley always viewed his smaller gigs as just stepping stones to the large shows. As a singer, he wanted to be playing for packed-out stadiums full of his fans.

“Up until a month ago, I thought that the free gigs led to the gigs where I got paid in beer, and then tips on lower broadway, to the clubs and theaters…working my way up towards bigger crowds and the biggest shows at MSG,” Bentley wrote.

But playing for Baylee, Bentley realized that every fan mattered. He realized the profound impact his music can have on someone’s life.

“Those big shows were all just preparation for my most important show, for an audience of one,” he continued.

Dierks Bentley Played For Fan

Dierks Bentley played for Baylee Barradas last month in a private concert. She lived in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. It was a small-scale occasion for the superstar. He showed up with his acoustic guitar, minus his band. But on that day, Bentley ended up making a friend instead.

“Baylee’s father said to me, ‘It’s never too late to make a lifelong friend,'” Bentley wrote. “Nothing could be more true for me and my friend Baylee. God Bless.”

Baylee suffered from a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis 1. The disorder made her more susceptible to cancerous masses. Last December, doctors discovered a tumor in her leg. The cancer eventually spread to her lungs as well.

“The whole time through him playing I had no jolts in my leg, which is when my leg shakes. I had no pain, I was just very relaxed,” Barradas said of the concert. She thanked Bentley for making her dreams come true and giving her a peaceful day.

Likewise, Bentley promised that he would never forget his late die-hard fan. At the time of the concert, he urged his fans to support Baylee and to pray.

“Didn’t think anything could top the recent club shows we did but that was before I got to play a private concert for my new friend Baylee Barradas. One of my hometown friends brought Baylee’s fight with cancer to my attention. Sweet girl really going thru it. hard hard stuff. Could use all the prayers,” he wrote on Instagram.