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Dierks Bentley Teases New Music Coming Out October 22nd

by Outsider
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

It looks like country music star Dierks Bentley is teasing some new music.

Bentley took to Twitter with a 10-second long clip of himself. In the clip, he’s doing a bit of brooding. In the background, some music is playing, but it’s tough to hear much of it due to the clip’s time constraints.

At the end of the clip, there’s a date teased: 10/22. That’s only a few days away. It looks like we’ll be getting some new music from Dierks Bentley soon enough.

He hasn’t previously let on to any information about what he has up his sleeve. Fans will have to sit back, relax, and wait for what’s coming down the pipeline.

Dierks Bentley and his next musical project

It’s been some time since Bentley’s ninth studio album, The Mountain. It originally debuted on June 8, 2018, with the lead single “Women, Amen” The song managed to top out at #1, with a second single that debuted at #1 following that. “Burning Man” was a definite success. Finally, “Living” from the same album also went to #1.

This isn’t all Dierks has been working on, though. As of late, he’s been involved with a fun ’90s country parody band called Hot Country Knights. The group, which Dierks Bentley performs fun covers and more party-centric music with, is is basically his road band. The outfit even had a single come out earlier in 2020: “Pick Her Up”.

Though it’s unlikely Bentley will shift from his typical musical stylings, we don’t have a lot to go by on what’s next for his body of work. It’s just about time to hear more from him, though, and we can’t wait to hear what he has up his proverbial sleeve.

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