Photos: Dierks Bentley Calls Paintball Injury ‘New Form of Couples Therapy’

by Jacklyn Krol
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Dierks Bentley believes that paintball is a new form of couples therapy.

What Dierks Bentley Had to Say

Bentley sustained a welt on his side from his wife’s paintball shot. He shared a photo of his injury alongside his wife, Cassidy Black, pointing at the welt.

“New form of couples therapy,” he captioned the photo. “Lot of built up anger and resentment released from about a foot away. Thought we were having a friendly game of paintball at Knox 7th bday.”

Dierks and Cassidy

Bentley and Black met at Ingleside Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona in eighth grade. They dated in high school but couldn’t make it work after Bentley moved to Nashville at 19-years-old while Black moved to San Fransisco, California to pursue advertising. Bentley sent her love letters via FedEx.

“That’s why I married her! I was worried I’d get blackmailed with those letters!” Bentley told The Boot. “I did save them and thought I could always sell them on eBay!” Black joked.

Furthermore, the pair reconnected after she met up with him at his concert. After getting engaged in December of 2005, they couldn’t wait to be husband and wife any longer.

“I ended that tour in Las Vegas, playing the House of Blues, and we went to Mexico, and three days later, we got married,” Bentley told E! News. “Probably one of the things I’m most grateful for is some of the success coming later as it has, because it’s really nice to share it with somebody. When it starts, it’s so nice to share a lot of ups, a lot of downs, a lot of in-between moments with her. It’s been a crazy, crazy ride.”

Finally, Black has inspired countless songs including “Women Amen” and “Black.” She is even featured in the music video for “Black.” “I had the idea of putting my wife in the video, which is totally taking her out of her comfort zone, but I just couldn’t imagine doing a video for this song without her in it and she reluctantly agreed…but then totally NAILED it,” he explained. “It wouldn’t have been genuine without her. I think the end result is something really special, and it was a trip of a lifetime for everyone involved.”