Dierks Bentley Posts Hilarious Concert Photo, Wonders About Life Pre-Pandemic

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dierks Bentley really is missing life on the road, singing on stage, the crowds, wearing weird animal print shirts and shaggy mullet wigs.

Wait, what?

The country star posted a bizarrely fun photo on Instagram Wednesday night. His caption showed he was longing for the good ol’ days, pre-pandemic.

Dierks Bentley wrote: “Sometimes I wonder what was more weird…life before Covid or after.”

Dierks Bentley As Doug Douglason Is Pure Fun

Remember Hot Country Knights? Surely you recall Doug Douglason? It was fun back in the day, when Dierks Bentley formed a parody band to spoof 1990s country music.

He started the band in 2015. The group literally is Dierks Bentley and his road band taking on their fun-loving alter egos. All their characters even have their own back stories.

Rolling Stone described Doug Douglason “as a showboating, ill-tempered former adult film actor who longs for the days when Joe Diffie ruled the country charts.”

Spoof Band Released Real Songs Last Year

This time a year ago, the band was gearing up for some big moves. They’d signed a real-life recording contract with Universal Music Group’s Nashville division. Coincidentally, that’s Bentley’s label, too.

Dierks Bentley and his band’s alter egos released their debut single, “Pick Her Up” a year ago. Travis Tritt joined in on that one, too. Because you can’t sing a country tune from the 1990s without Travis Tritt.

And because the band spoofs the 1990s, their music video also featured a breakout star from that decade. Seriously, didn’t every male teen-ager dream of Tiffani Thiessen from “Saved By The Bell” and “Beverly Hills 90210?”

The video featured everything we love to hate about the 90s. Obviously, Dierks Bentley longs for them. Think of denim shirts with cut off sleeves. Oakley sunglasses. Some acid wash jeans. Nylon track suits. Line dancing. Mullets that would make Billy Ray Cyrus jealous. OK, nobody really misses all that.

Hot Country Knights also performed “Asphalt” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last February. It seemed destined for greatness before the pandemic shut everything down. The band was supposed to start touring last April. Doug Douglason said so. But the tour was postponed. But the band did release an album last May. It’s called “The K Is Silent.”

In the past, other country stars — Thomas Rhett and Miranda Lambert — joined the group on stage. As expected, they sang hot songs from the 1990s.

Check out the video. It’s some serious nostalgia. Want to join in on the chorus. Remember:

“Pick her up in a pickup truck. And take her out to a honky-tonk. Turn an ice-cold longneck up. Dance around to an old jukebox.

“If you really wanna rock the world of a pretty little country girl. Just know when you pick her up, pick her up in a pickup truck.”

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Or, here’s an Outsider story about Bentley’s new video. It’s obvious Bentley is a 90s boy.