Dierks Bentley Provides Tour Update ‘From 43,000 Feet’ While Flying Private Jet

by Shelby Scott

Dierks Bentley is famous for his love of planes and flying, and in his most recent Twitter post, he provided a “Beers On Me” tour update from 43,000 feet up. “Welcome to the smooth air that’s Dude Air,” Bentley begins. The video then takes in his copilot, the surrounding clouds, and another passenger who seems to be in charge of helping Bentley keep his social media up to date. “Look, she’s everywhere,” he says, “She’s constantly making me post, all the time.”

Overall, the clip provides fans information surrounding his tour dates out west as well as an announcement concerning a special guest appearance.

The gist of the video is meant to let ticketholders for his western U.S. tour dates know that his friend and rising artist Breland will be making appearances at the locations and dates listed above. According to Bentley, the “Throw It Back” artist will be assisting him in performing his latest single, “Beers On Me.”

While the song itself is a major hit, fans attending the Western tour dates are in for a special treat watching Bentley and Breland perform the new song together. Breland wrote and edited the third verse of “Beers On Me” which provided the song a little hip-hop twist that is absolutely irresistible. So, watching that artistry come to life alongside the country icon will definitely make for a memorable concert.

Dierks Bentley’s “Beers On Me” Became the Most Added Song On Radio Within 1 Week

While Dierks Bentley has plenty of other hit songs, his latest single “Beers On Me” brings a laid-back summer tune to the fast-approaching fall season. The song, which premiered July 29th, rapidly stole fans’ hearts and ears, and by August 3rd, “Beers On Me” claimed the number 1 spot for the most added song on the radio.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, we high key recommend you give it a listen. But for now, we’ll give you a little background info. “Beers On Me” is simply about enjoying a laid-back night with some friends and letting go of everyday worries.

Following the announcement, Bentley said he couldn’t wait to buy his fans a drink throughout his tour dates for the rest of the summer and early fall. However, what makes the hit song more loveable is that it’s what Bentley called “an organic collaboration” between himself, Breland, and “BOOTS” singer HARDY.

The chorus of “Beers On Me” gives the song its steady progression, however, the way each of the three verses splits between the three artists gives the song a new sound that we absolutely love. Breland takes the last verse and, with his new hip-hop influence, concludes the song with an upbeat, exciting vibe.