Dierks Bentley Raves About Luke Combs Custom Crocs: ‘May Never Take Them Off’

by Halle Ames

Talk about multifaceted! Dierks Bentley takes to social media to rave about his limited edition Luke Combs Crocs. 

Do you have a go-to pair of shoes? The ones so perfectly molded to your toes and feet that it’s like walking in a cloud. That’s how we picture country music star Dierks Bentley as he rocks a pair of limited editions Luke Combs Crocs. 

Call it what you will, artist friend supporting artist friend, word of mouth advertising, or maybe Bentley really does love to do everyday activities in the white, fuzzy interior shoe. Everyday activities for Bentley include flying a plane, feeding the dogs, driving the truck and boat, getting coffee, and walking around in the snow. 

Dierks Bentley Hypes up the Shoe

In a post from last night, Dierks Bentley explains why he got the shoes in the first place, saying that now, he “may never take them off.”

“I had a pair of @crocsback in the day. Navy blue. They were fine, nothing great. So I was amused in a nostalgic kind of way and honored to get a pair of @lukecombs signature crocs from luke himself. Couldn’t believe how comfortable they were with the fuzz on the inside. Thought they be the perfect house shoe. But then they became my driving shoe too. And then my get some coffee shoes. Tried them out in my bass boat…yep, perfect. Tried them out at 43000 feet…. it’s as if they were made to push rudder pedals! I MAY NEVER TAKE THEM OFF! 🤣 Thanks Luke….!”

Crocs are Flying Off the Shelves!

Apparently, Dierks Bentley isn’t the only one that agrees. Luke Combs has collaborated with the popular footwear brand numerous times, and according to the Crocs website, of the four different collaborations, three are sold out. The only pair still available for purchase on the website are the pair that Bentley is showing off. 

This isn’t the only collaboration Crocs has had that has done well. The Chinatown Market pair, which looks like they are covered in green grass, has sold out, along with the Kentucky Fried Chicken pair. This pair features crispy golden drumsticks all over the shoe—a foodie’s dream.