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Dierks Bentley Reveals When Fans Can Expect New Album

by Maria Hartfield
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

It’s official, country music star Dierks Bentley announced he will release a new album in 2022. The singer last released an album in 2018 called The Mountain.

According to Taste of Country, Bentley verbally confirmed the new album release just ahead of the 2021 CMA Awards in Nashville.

Bentley describes the new work as, “A whole different sound, probably. It’s leaning a little more tradition in some ways. It’s been tough to come down off the Mountain. I have so much love for that album, love the way we made it, and I still love being in those mountains.”

Written and recorded in Telluride, Colorado at Studio in the Clouds, The Mountain features a progressive sound with large bluegrass influences. The album resulted in two No. 1 hits and a Top 5 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Bentley dropped two singles including “Gone” and “Beers on Me” following the release of The Mountain. Previously, Bentley was consistent in releasing a new studio album every other year.

He confirmed this next album won’t follow in the footsteps of his previous work on The Mountain. It will be more of a crossover between The Mountain and his Black album from 2016. Ross Copperman will produce his upcoming album with assistance from Jon Randall. Copperman produced Bentley’s last three studio albums shifting from Brett Beavers who produced works earlier in Bentley’s career.

Dierks Bentley Extends “Beers on Me” Tour in 2022

The news of a new album comes right after the announcement that Bentley plans to extend his current “Beers on Me” tour into 2022. The second half of the tour will begin on January 6, 2021, in London, ON hitting a total of 21 cities. Special guests that will be featured on tour include Jordan Davis, Tenille Arts, and Lainey Wilson.

In a press release announcing the tour, Bentley said, “People think we are crazy to go to Canada and the Northwest in January, but we’ve learned from previous tours that it’s a great time to bring a party up there. For me personally, I don’t mind that there is plenty of ice, snow, and mountains for some adventure between shows.”

Tickets for the ‘Beers on Me’ Tour are now available at Dierks Bentley’s official website.

Bentley Drops Official ‘Beers on Me’ Music Video

Last month, Bentley dropped the official music video for his hit single “Beers on Me.” The video features fellow musicians Breland and Hardy. The catchy song gives off a laid-back vibe matching its descriptive title.

The idea behind the video is simple. Bentley shares a cold brew and a genuine smile with good friends throughout the affair. The lyrics support the song’s chill vibe with Dierks singing, “My card’s on the bar. You got nowhere to be. If you don’t come through, Buddy, that’s on you, ‘Cause the beer’s on me.”

Watch the full video here: