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Dierks Bentley Shows Off Gorgeous Scenery on Morning Dirt Bike Ride

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Looks like country artist Dierks Bentley knows how to spend a morning in the mountains.

He posted a video earlier this morning while riding his dirt bike on a rocky trail. He starts by showing his white and blue bike before slowly panning the camera to show his surroundings. There are the rocky red rocks, a staple of Colorado, and the mountains vaguely shining through on a cloudy day.

He then shows the downward and slim trail behind him.

It ends with a gentle little mornin’ from the country artist.

For Bentley, he has always been attracted to the mountains. In fact, after visiting in March for spring break, he kind of just never went back to Nashville.

According to People Magazine, he is taking this opportunity in Colorado while away from everything to focus on bonding with his wife and his daughters and son.

“I’m making up for lost time with my family … It’s been 18 years now of touring and being gone every weekend. Now I’m somewhere I can ride bikes with my kids to school. I put a camper on the back of my 1994 Chevy and we go camping almost every weekend,” Bentley told People.

In fact in 2018, Bentley wrote ‘The Mountain” and recorded and produced it in Colorado.

“It was only a mountain, nothing but a big ol’ rock / Only a mountain, it ain’t hard if you don’t stop.”

Bentley is Biking in the Mountains

Bently appears to be taking full advantage of his time in Colorado. He’s posted several photos of him hiking, camping, and biking through the mountains.

While he’s taken on some tough rides, specifically doing the seven peaks in Colorado, he’s hit some bumpy roads along the way.

Bentley ended up in the emergency room back in June from a nasty fall on his mountain bike that left him late for an interview, according to The Boot. He ended up with a cast on his left hand and a couple of broken bones.

“But it’s lucky: It’s my left hand, and I drink beer with my right, so I should be good to go for the rest of the summer … It’ll be fine. It’ll be all good. It’s not gonna slow me down much,” Bentley told Michael J once he made it to their interview.