Dierks Bentley Takes Awesome Photos at NASCAR Cup Series Racetrack in Phoenix

by Samantha Whidden

Following his epic performance at the NASCAR Cup Series Championship, in Phoenix, Arizona, country superstar Dierks Bentley took to his social media accounts to share some snapshots of the incredible event.

“Had a great time in Phoenix, AZ at the @nascar Cup Series championship,” Dierks Bentley declared in the post. He also said that he has to rep a limited edition Flag and Anthem Co. t-shirt that was made for the race. The country singer further revealed that he met Ryan Blaney as well. 

Prior to the event, Dierks Bentley spoke to Audacy’s Gunner and Cheyenne about his excitement for the performance. “I haven’t been to a race in so long. The last time I played a race is like, three years. To have one in the hometown is pretty awesome.” 

Dierks Bentley also stated that his mom was coming to show. “It gives me a chance to play some songs, watch a race –  a championship race at that. Pretty awesome.”

The country music superstar goes on to say that the performance is kind of those “fun things” he gets to do as a country singer. “If you like NASCAR, which I do, you get a chance to perform and watch the race. It’s kind of a win-win situation.”

Phoenix Raceway President Julie Giese previously spoke about Bentley performing at the major NASCAR event. “We’re excited he is returning home to perform his music and employ the feel-good, championship atmosphere our fans will generate at Phoenix Raceway.”

Dierks Bentley Opens Up About Working Alongside Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’ 

While chatting about his time on The Voice, Dierks Bentley stated he is getting way more attention than he usually does. “I’ve had neighbors walk up to me that I’ve never met before. [They say], ‘Oh my god, we saw on The Voice.’ I’m like, ‘I’ve been living here for a while now and The Voice is the first time you’ve ever heard of me?!’ It just shows you that show has so much reach!”

When asked if he would ever take on the role of being a coach on The Voice, Dierks Bentley said he would decline the offer. “I really like just being able to be a normal guy. I’m always thankful when someone recognizes me and I’m super appreciative to take a picture or autograph. But I really like just being able to easy in and out. And go where I want to go.”

As previously reported, Bentley spoke with Entertainment Tonight about working alongside fellow country singer Blake Shelton on the hit singing competition show. “It was amazing, you know? It was so great seeing him. Just being around as he talks to these kids. I was really impressed.”