Dierks Bentley Weighs in on School Mask Mandates

by Jacklyn Krol
Jason Davis, Getty Images

Dierks Bentley is speaking out about one of the major hot topic issues we face in our country: kids wearing masks in school. On Saturday, January 29, the country crooner shared just six simple words to address the issue.

He shared a screenshot of The New York Times article “Opinion: Let Kids Take Their Masks Off After the Omicron Surge.” He captioned the post, “Right? Seems like common sense. Thoughts…..”

The author of the article believes that there should be no mask mandate in schools once COVID-19 numbers return to pre-Omicron levels. The author also claimed that younger children have difficulties with language and that there are emotional tolls on older teens.

“The debate about masks in schools can quickly turn vicious because it pits legitimate interests against one another. Many people who are immunocompromised, or live with those who are, understandably fear that getting rid of mandates will make them more vulnerable. But keeping kids in masks month after month also inflicts harm, even if it’s not always easy to measure,” the author wrote.

Fellow country singer Randy Houser commented on Bentley’s post with his take on the issue. “Agreed. Also look at the size mass of a [coronavirus] in comparison to the N95 [face mask]. It’s pretty much like throwing a basketball down a train tunnel. It’s not being met with much resistance. But hey…Science.” On the CDC website, the organization addresses this particular claim about the N95 masks.

Dierks Bentley then shared a screenshot of the article’s contents. “Now is the time for the conversation,” he added.

Little Big Town‘s Phillip Sweet agreed with Bentley’s sentiment. “I couldn’t agree more my friend. The time to talk is now.”

Dierks Bentley on His New Album

Dierks Bentley discussed the lengthy album process with AP News. He has been working on his 10th studio album for the past two years.

He explained that like his New Year’s resolution, he needed to return to Music City. Similarly, when he created his record The Mountain, he spent his time at his Colorado home. This time, he needs to return to Nashville, Tennessee. He

“Location has always been such a big part of my album-making process,” he began. “I don’t know why that is. Certainly with The Mountain and Colorado and this one. You know it’s funny, I kinda wanted to write something with Tennessee-ish kinda vibes. I didn’t really feel it, you can’t fake that. This is my third attempt to make the album. Really moving back here… this last fall… I changed where I lived in the city, I live closer to downtown now. Have a great little neighborhood I live in I think that’s a big part of it.”

Tennessee makes sense especially with the city and country all within a few miles of each other. Not to mention that it is home to country music and fellow artists. It’s a vibe that you can’t capture unless you’re in the town.

His goal with returning to Nashville is to rediscover “why I first came out here is a love for great country music.” He hopes to return to early bluegrass sounds and finds inspiration in Alan Jackson, Clint Black, and Dwight Yoakam for the upcoming music. His fans will have to patiently wait and see what he’s up to. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait two more years!