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Watch: Dolly Parton Answers All of Google’s Burning Questions

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Image

Dolly Parton took the time to answered some of the internet’s most searched questions about her. Speaking with Wired, Parton revealed answers fans always wanted to know.

Parton said she’s a soprano, which means a high pitched vocalist. She also said that she hasn’t lost touch with her country music roots over the years.

“I’m a country girl. I started out in country music and that’s my favorite,” Parton said. “Of course, I like to think I can do all sorts of music now. I’ve been accepted all over the world. I’ve had several pop records and all sorts of styles. But I’m a country girl, so yes I’m country music.” 

Additionally, Parton commented on areas of her life that are common knowledge. For instance, she confirmed that she is Miley Cyrus’ godmother and is married.

“I have been married 54 years, and I have been with my husband for 56 years,” Parton said. “We dated for two years before we married. So we’ve been together most of our lives. And we’re still happy. Can you believe that?”

Dolly Parton released a new Christmas album on Oct. 2.

Parton also took the time to discuss her recently released Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas. The album released on on Oct.2. The album features a cast of singers including Michael Bublé, Jimmy Fallon, Willie Nelson, Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus.

When asked who she modeled her look after, Parton joked, “A clown?”

“I actually patterned my look after what we called the town tramp in my hometown,” she added. “This woman used to walk the streets, had all this makeup and hair, and high heel shoes. I thought she was so beautiful. Everybody used to say, ‘Oh she ain’t nothing but trash.’ I used to say that’s what I’m going to be when I grow up – trash.”

Parton revealed that her favorite color is white, her favorite food is potatoes and that she loves a cup of coffee. She also said she keeps her hair blonde with a bottle of bleach.

“I’m actually a dirty blonde. I just keep it bleached, I started bleaching it early,” Parton said. “I was born white headed, I was a cotton top when I was little.”

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