Dolly Parton Answers Kids’ Christmas Questions: ‘Why is Santa so Shy?’

by Matthew Wilson

They say kids say the darnedest things. But sometimes they ask the darnedest questions too. Dolly Parton fielded children’s questions about Santa Claus, the holidays, and what she wants under her tree this year.

As part of her “Dolly Parton & Friends’ Live Holiday Special,” Parton asked children to send her virtual messages of their burning Christmas questions. And they certainly didn’t disappoint. One little girl asked the big question children have been wondering – why is Santa so shy? Why do they have to go to sleep early on Christmas Eve?”

“I don’t know if Santa is so shy. I think he’s just being quiet,” Parton said. “Because he has to sneak in and put the presents under the tree, even if he comes in the door or comes down the chimney. I think he just has to be quiet. But anyway, we love Santa, don’t we? And I think you are just as cute as you can be.”

Dolly Parton Reveals Her Own Christmas Traditions

The country singer also revealed interesting stories about her own Christmas traditions. For one, she’s definitely used to a white Christmas. Growing up in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, Parton said it would snow several times per year. She reckoned she saw snow for the first time as just a baby.

As a child herself, Parton and her sibling would go out hunting for the perfect tree for their living room. They then reported back to their father, who would chop down the tree. Parton, her siblings, and their mother would then decorate the tree to make it festive for the season.

Everyone better hope Parton is on the “nice list” this year. Because the country singer told one boy she asked Santa to make everything happy and normal again this year. If not Santa, then Parton sure is doing her part to make it happen. She donated $1 million (that’s a lot of presents) to research for a COVID-19 vaccine.

One little girl asked Parton whether she had reindeer like Santa Claus.

“I don’t have what they call reindeer,” Parton said. “But I live out on a farm so I do have a whole bunch of reindeer that live out of my property. And I call them different names. I don’t call them like Santa named his. So I just call them whatever I feel like calling them that day. I might name one after you.”

Additionally, Parton’s favorite Christmas song won’t surprise listeners of her newest Christmas album.

“I like ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ too,” she said. “That’s why I chose that to be the name of my new Christmas album. Except I call it ‘Holly Dolly Christmas.’ Don’t you think that’s cute?”