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Dolly Parton Celebrating 10 Years Since Releasing ‘Better Day’ Album, Asks Fans to Name Favorite Tracks

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by 2020 Billboard Women In Music/Getty Images for Billboard)

Dolly Parton is behind some of the greatest songs in country music history. Trying to choose a favorite Dolly tune is nigh impossible. Even if you’re just looking at her biggest hits, it’s not an easy task. Songs like “Coat of Many Colors,” “I Will Always Love You,” and “Jolene,” are all hard to beat.

Hopefully, things get a little easier if you’re just trying to narrow it down to a favorite song on a single album. That is just what Dolly Parton is asking fans to do in her most recent tweet. She is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of her album Better Day. So, she wants fans to tell her their favorite song from the release. Check out the tweet below.

Dolly Parton released the album on this day in 2011. So, it is understandable if you need to refresh your memory of the album. Have no fear, though. Dolly has us covered. She dropped a link to the album on Spotify in her tweet.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the album and try to narrow it down a little.

Trying to Pick a Favorite from Dolly Parton’s Better Day

Dolly Parton’s Better Day contains a dozen tracks. All of those songs were new and original. So, when it came out, it was an album full of Parton-penned songs that were, for the most part, never before released. However, a handful of the songs were previously used as part of the smash-hit musical 9 to 5. The versions contained on Better Day are brand new, though. So, they still count as new tunes. At the same time, Dolly recorded the lead single, “Together, You and I,” with Porter Wagoner on their 1974 record Porter ‘n’ Dolly.

Now, with the housekeeping out of the way, let’s listen to some Dolly Parton.

“In the Meantime”

Dolly Parton kicks Better Day off with a great upbeat tune. It’s all about thinking and living in a positive manner. The first verse talks about doomsday predictions. The next verse focuses on those who keep their eyes on the past and long for the “good old days.”

In both instances, Dolly Parton uses the chorus as an eye-opener. In part, it goes, “In the meantime, in-between time, let us make time to make it right. / And let us not fear what is not clear; faith should be your guide.” In short, it’s a killer album opener and definitely in the running for best track on Better Day.

‘Country Is as Country Does,’ Dolly Parton’s Ode to Her Country Roots

Dolly Parton is a country girl to her core. This song reflects that with zero pretenses. Instrumentally, this might be the most country-sounding song on the album. It’s packed with fiddle, steel guitar, and even some nice honky-tonk piano. The first few lines of the chorus really pulls it together lyrically, though, and drives the point home.

Go check out the album. Then, head over to Twitter to let Dolly Parton know which Better Day cut is your favorite.