Dolly Parton Confirms She and Reba McEntire Have Recorded a Duet

by Shelby Scott

Country music powerhouse Dolly Parton just confirmed that she and country icon Reba McEntire recorded a duet together. We here at Outsider could not be more excited to hear it. The two female artists, electric on their own, came together to record a version of McEntire’s 1993 hit, “Does He Love You.” The original version won a Grammy and a CMA Award, according to Taste of Country, and “is considered one of McEntire’s signature songs.”

During her feature on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Parton said, “It turned out really good.” In reference to the new track, “We really sounded good together.” She added that she had always wanted to sing with McEntire but had no idea why it didn’t happen until now. “I think the fans are gonna like it,” she concluded.

According to Sounds Like Nashville, the new version of the duet is set to be released on a new McEntire album that is yet unannounced. The last new album McEntire released was Stronger Than the Truth in 2019. 2020 saw a rerelease of her Rumor Has It album to celebrate the anniversary of its 30th year.

Dolly Parton’s Professional Career Has Been Long and Diverse

Parton’s country music career has become legendary. The iconic artist is sure to be known as one of the most memorable individuals of all time. Nevertheless, Parton shared that she worries she’ll never be able to live out all of her dreams. In an earlier article, she said she simply wakes up with new ones all the time. The 75-year-old songstress has no plans to slow down. She just made headlines with her husband’s Playboy Bunny birthday surprise, her new perfume release, and now the upcoming duet release with the iconic Reba herself.

Parton shared her thoughts on her new perfume release, hoping people will think of her when they use it. She called the new scent, “Dolly: Scent from Above.” The name suggests the country icon’s dreamy air as well as the perfume’s “heavenly” scent. As if that hadn’t kept Parton busy enough, she is also considering a new line of makeup very soon.

Additionally, the artist recently shared her love for performing on the stage and traveling around to different cities. Truly a wild child, Parton stated in an earlier interview with The Boot she became bored performing in one place for too long. She shared she actually prefers what she calls, “one-nighters.” The artist is also famous for playing various movie parts. Parton only accepts roles she believes are “believable” for her to play. Overall, we admire the legendary Dolly for her drive, her love of music, and her bright personality. However, we mostly can’t wait to hear that new duet.