Dolly Parton Explained Her ‘Unusual’ Crushes, Staying Faithful to Husband Carl Dean

by Chris Haney

In her 2017 book, country music legend Dolly Parton opened up about her longtime husband Carl Dean and explained some of her unusual crushes.

Yesterday was Dean’s 79th birthday on July 20. The couple have been together for 57 years and are still going strong decades later. Parton, 75, met the Nashville businessman when she was still a teenager, and the pair married not long after. According to Dean, he knew he was going to marry Dolly during their initial meeting outside of a laundromat in 1964.

She spoke about her relationship with Dean in her Dolly on Dolly: Interviews and Encounters with Dolly Parton book. Parton shared that she’s had unusual crushes over the years. She’s a flirtatious individual and so is her husband, but both of them know where to draw the line.

“Men are my weakness,” Dolly Parton admitted in the book. “Short, fat, bald or skinny – I’ve had crushes on some very unusual men. But Carl knows I’ll always come home and I’m not having sex with these people – I’m just flirting and having fun. He’s not jealous and I’m not jealous of him. He knows I flirt. He flirts too.”

Parton also shared that they have an open relationship built on trust. However, they aren’t open sexually as the country icon joked that she’d kill him and he’d shoot her otherwise.

“Yes, it’s an open relationship, but not sexually and I would kill him if I thought he was doing that. He would shoot me too. At the end of the day we love each other madly,” she added.

Dolly Parton Dresses as Playboy Bunny for Husband’s 79th Birthday

To celebrate her husband’s 79th birthday, Dolly Parton revisited one of her classic photoshoots from 1978. Forty-plus years ago, Parton posed as a Playboy bunny for the famous magazine. In recent years, she’s talked about recreating the photos when she turns 75. The famous country singer finally found the perfect excuse to recreate the classic photo for Carl Dean‘s birthday.

“Hey! Today is July 20. It’s my husband Carl‘s birthday,” Dolly Parton says in a video posted to Twitter.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m dressed like this? Well, it’s for my husband’s birthday!” she explains while wearing a nearly identical Playboy bunny costume to the one she wore in her iconic 1978 magazine shoot.

“Remember sometime back I said I was going to pose for Playboy Magazine when I’m 75? Well, I’m 75… And they don’t have a magazine anymore,” Parton said.

“But my husband always loved the original cover for Playboy. So I was trying to think of something to do to make him happy. He still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years!” she added. “And I’m not going to try and talk him out of that! I hope he agrees. What do you think?”

“Anyway! What I did for his birthday is, I did a little photoshoot in this little outfit! And I had a cover made of the new Dolly! Or… the old new Dolly,” Parton laughed.

The clip ends with a photo of Parton presenting her framed gift to her husband while she’s still wearing the Playboy bunny outfit. We should all be so hopeful that we can be that playful with our spouses well into our 70s. Relationship goals indeed.