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Dolly Parton Explains Her Christmas Family Traditions from Home Decor to Holiday Menus

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Country queen Dolly Parton recently sat down for an interview with ET Canada’s Roz Weston where they discussed a number of topics relating to the holiday season.

Parton has been very busy lately despite the challenges in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now her fans are reaping the benefits of all of her hard work this holiday season. Parton’s brand-new book, Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, hit bookstores on November 17. In addition, a new Netflix Christmas movie, Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square premiered on November 22.

And if that wasn’t enough, Parton is bringing us her first holiday album in 30 years, A Holly Jolly Christmas. She announced her album back in August.

Dolly Parton Says She Loves Christmas

In her interview with ET Canada, Parton says that she has “loved Christmas all her life.” It’s a big part of the reason she has been involved in making so many Christmas tunes.

“Well I have loved Christmas all my life and I always wanted to do either Christmas movies or Christmas specials,” Parton told Weston. “And I did an album of course with my friend Kenny [Rogers]. We did a Christmas special. So there’s just something about me that just says Christmas.”

Parton goes on to say that she loves the fun, family, and music that come with the holiday season. Not to mention all of the sparkly decorations.

“I love everything about Christmas,” Parton concludes.

Parton Spoke About Christmas on ‘Southern Living’ Podcast

The country music icon recently made an appearance on Southern Living’s podcast, Biscuits and Jam. While on the show, she discussed her new projects and shared some of her own Christmas memories.

“Christmas was just a special time,” she told Southern Living’s Sid Evans. “And of course, Mama would always tell the story of Christmas and it was just a joyful time… She read the Bible a lot, so we knew the real story. So, she made that all come to life with us.”

Parton spoke about believing in Santa Claus while growing up as a child. She says she believed in him despite never getting any presents other than things her parents would make.

“We believed in Santa Claus. ​We lived far back in the mountains. He never found us. We believed in him. We figured he was going to find us one day,” Parton explains. “But in the meantime, ​we made a lot of things for each other, homemade toys, Mom and Dad made for us. And so, it was just a special time. It just felt different. ​And it just felt, you know, like there was some kind of magic.”

Parton also recalled the simple, yet sweet tradition that her parents would take part in. She and her husband now do the same to this day.

“We didn’t have the money to buy gifts, but Mama would always buy Daddy​ a pack of handkerchiefs and a box of chocolate covered cherries and daddy would always buy her a box of chocolate covered cherries and then they just swapped the box of candy, of course we all ate it, but it was just their tradition,” Parton recalls. “And to this day, my husband and I do the same thing. I buy him a box of chocolate covered cherries and, and he buys me some.”