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Dolly Parton Once Faced Bear-Infested Forest Rather Than Hook Up with Bad Date

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

During “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, America’s favorite songstress, Dolly Parton teamed up with Fallon on the segment, True Confessions. 

During the game, each contestant attempts to convince the others that a wacky statement is true.

Dolly Parton Stumps Fallon & Centineo With Wacky Story

Parton was first, as she opened an envelope and read, “I dated a guy and he kicked me out of the car and made me walk home at night through a forest with bears and bobcats.”

Fallon and the other contestant, Noah Centineo, interrogated the country music star about the outrageous statement. However, Parton had them duped with her charm and wit. 

“I know it was a really good car because I had a date with the boy and I only dated him because he had a car,” she insisted. “And so it was a nice car.”

“We were about five miles from my home,” she continued. “And that’s way back in the mountains. I mean, where there are bears and bobcats and there are those toothless ‘Deliverance’ kind of mountain men in addition to the bears and all that, so that was not a pleasant place to be.”

When they asked why the man pushed Parton out of the car, she said, “It was a ‘put out or get out’ situation. So he kicked me out.”

Dolly Parton’s story was convincing enough, considering they both guessed that the “Jolene” singer was telling the truth. 

“But I did learn something that night though,” she added. “I thought if that ever happens to me again, I’m definitely giving it up. I’d rather be chewed on by a boy than a bear.”

Noah Centineo Puts Acting Skills To The Test

For Centineo, he said he once locked his father in a meat locker for two hours before he told someone. 

After they quizzed Centineo, he delivered a well-played poker face. He claimed, “He went in there and I closed the door and then I realized that it locks from the outside, but I didn’t know how to unlock it.”

Parton said she thought the story was an amazing one, “whether it’s a truth or a lie.”

Ultimately she decided that she thought the story was true. 

Fallon guessed it was a lie, arguing that he’s a good liar because he’s a professional actor. In the end, Fallon was right.