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Dolly Parton Fans Are Analyzing Every Detail of Her Rare Pic With Husband Carl Dean

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Yesterday, Dolly Parton shared a throwback photo of her and Carl Dean. She and Carl have been married for fifty-five years. However, he stays out of the spotlight. He knew Dolly was a star when they tied the knot, but he didn’t want any part of that life. He wanted the gorgeous, sweet, Appalachian queen and none of the glitz and glamour. For the most part, he got exactly what he wanted. In fact, many of Parton’s fans would be hard-pressed to pick Carl Dean out of a lineup.

To longtime fans of Dolly Parton, seeing Carl Dean is like seeing some rare mythical being. Really, it’s like seeing a bigfoot riding a unicorn over a double rainbow. That’s why fans are going nuts in the comment section of Dolly’s Instagram post. Most of the time, when Dolly posts, her fans line up to lavish her with well-deserved praise. However, this comment section is full of fans expressing their surprise at seeing a photo of Carl. Much like seeing a mythical creature, Dolly’s fans are soaking it in.

In case you missed it, here’s the picture.

Dolly Parton’s Fans Don’t Miss a Thing

 Many of the comments note that Dolly Parton has one fine husband. “Carl is a hottie,” said one commenter. Thankfully, her name wasn’t Jolene.  Another added, “A collective ‘oh I get it now,’ is happening here,” added another fan. You have to admit, they’re both good-looking and look absolutely adorable together.

However, Dolly Parton’s fans aren’t just drooling over the throwback pic of her hubby. Some quickly noticed that there was something fishy about Carl Dean’s shirt. “Loooool that Photoshop,” one fan laughed. Another said that Dolly is the “Queen of Photoshop.” One eagle-eyed commenter revealed the purpose behind the edited photo. “Y’all, this is a promotion for the Dolly Vintage Collage Tee.”

It’s true. If you like the vintage-style Dolly Parton shirt that Carl Dean is sporting you can pick one up for yourself on her website. Whoever came up with this advertising idea is a genius. Dolly’s fans will have this image locked in their minds for weeks, at the very least.

The funniest comments come from fans who noticed Carl Dean’s right hand. One fan asked, “What’s he holding?” Then, several others chimed in. In short, several commenters thought that Carl was holding on to Dolly Parton with one hand and Mary Jane with the other. However, they all decided that it is probably just a rolled cigarette.

However, outside of the shock and analysis, one fan won the comment section with a single hashtag. They simply said, “#MarriageGoals,” and couldn’t be more correct.