Dolly Parton Says One of Her First Dates With Now-Husband Was To a McDonalds Drive-Thru

by Jacklyn Krol
Nathan Congleton, NBCU Photo Bank Getty Images

Dolly Parton revealed that one of her first dates with her husband was at a McDonalds drive-thru.

What Dolly Parton Said About the Date

In a recent interview with People, the “Jolene” singer revealed how she keeps her marriage to Carl Dean of 54 years, happy and healthy.

Their relationship began when Parton was an 18-year-old businesswoman. One of their first dates was to a Mcdonald’s drive-thru. Parton shared that they feel more comfortable under the radar where she can’t be recognized and it’s more secluded.

“When I met my husband, he wanted to take me out to dinner. He pulled up to the drive-in window and got our food at McDonald’s,” she told People back in 2018. “We know a few little places we can go without being bothered. He only likes to go places where he can be comfortable!”

All About Dolly and Carl

Parton revealed that they still do date night. “We still have our little times, like in the springtime when the first yellow daffodils come out,” she explained. “Even if there’s still some snow around it, my husband always brings me a bouquet. And he’ll usually write me a little poem. Which to me, that’s priceless. That’s like a date in itself.”

Although their first date was McDonald’s, Parton is now doing the cooking and the couple even goes on picnics together. “We’ll go find some riverbank somewhere with our little camper, park, have a picnic,” she revealed. “Or we’ll pull up to some little Days Inn motel, go in as long as the bed’s clean and there’s a bathroom. We just do our little things like that. Or I’ll do a candlelight dinner. We don’t make an issue of it. It’s like certain days, you feel a certain way. And I’ll say, ‘I’m going to surprise him. And we’re going to have real cloth napkins and real crystal. I’m going to put the real china out instead of the paper plates we usually eat on because we don’t want to have to wash dishes.’ ”

Being Comfortable

Parton added that they are both comfortable in their own skins and comfortable together. “You may not want to dress or look like me, you can take from that to be yourself,” she said to People Magazine. “I’m a very passionate person in everything that I do, and I think passion has great sex appeal.”

“I’ve never tried to be anything other than just what I am,” she concluded.