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Dolly Parton Follows a Unique Eating Plan That Keeps Her ‘Feeling Good’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: John Lamparski/ Getty Images)

You don’t stay in the shape Dolly Parton is by sitting on the couch eating pie, no matter how nice that may sound. 

At 75-years-old, you might think, who cares and eat what you want, but no ma’am. Not Dolly Parton. At the age of 75, this Tennessee queen still keeps a strict diet plan to stay in prime shape. 

Dolly Parton is still a busy lady with a booming career. So how does Parton balance it all and still have time in the day to eat, breath, and sleep? Well, it all starts with a balanced diet. 

Dolly Parton Starts her Day

Parton reveals that her day begins around 3 a.m…. Yes, the middle of the night. But hey, nothing a few cups of coffee won’t cure. 

“I use Folgers for my cup of ambition. I like quite a bit of cream, so it’s just a little more than tan. A cup and a half will do me all day,” Parton tells Wall Street Journal Magazine.

She pairs her cup of 3 a.m. coffee with a ‘quick and easy’ breakfast. Although, I’m not quite sure what Parton is in a rush for at that hour. 

“I usually try to keep some homemade egg salad around because I like to have something quick and easy,” said Dolly Parton. “Through the week, I’ll eat things like egg salad on toast with tomato, and sometimes I’ll have a bagel with cream cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes.”

However, Dolly explains that if she is working, she will follow a low-carb diet plan. The weekends are generally when she is more lenient. Dolly Parton notes that the key to her health is moderation.  


Now onto lunch. 

While on tour, the country artist will stock her tour bus freezer full of homemade low-carb meals. However, the real party starts on Sundays. 

“When I’m home, I spend Sunday with my husband,” she tells Parade. “I try to stay on my low-carb diet during the week, and then when I know I have a day off, I say, ‘Make me a pan of cornbread.'”  

But as a lady that really speaks to my heart, she is easily pleased. 

“Just give me my potato, any kind of potato, and I’m happy,” she tells The New York Times.

Oh, But Dinner

And now for dinner. Pretty much everything is on the menu. 

If Dolly Parton is in charge of cooking, she will generally whip up chicken and dumplings or some other southern treats. Yum! 

You know the saying, southern cookin’ makes you good lookin’, well look out! Oh, but the menu doesn’t stop with American food. 

“I love Indian, Italian and Mexican food. And if it’s a romantic type of thing, I like a good French restaurant,” she tells the Times. “I don’t like pretty food. The way I see it, if the food’s too pretty, it ain’t too good.”

In the end, Dolly Parton doesn’t limit herself too much. Life is short, honey. You eat the cake now while you can! 

“I tried every diet in the book,” Parton has said, according to Vanity Fair. “I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets.”