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Dolly Parton Gets to Step ‘Into the Shoes’ of ‘Jolene’ for New Reba Duet

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When you think of country music, there are usually two names that come to mind right away — Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.

Parton and McEntire are two of the queens of country music. They are without a doubt two of the industry’s biggest stars, and they have been for quite some time. To all of our pleasure, they have decided to join up for a new version of McEntire’s Grammy Award-winning song, “Does He Love You.”

The updated version of the hit song will be featured on McEntire’s new project, a three-part box set called Revived Remixed Revisited. As you can probably infer from the title, the new album will give life to some of Reba’s greatest hits over the years. And yes, “Does He Love You” will be included on the Revisited part of the box set. The song was produced by the one and only award-winning producer, Dave Cobb.

The song is as emotional as you might imagine. Dolly Parton is stepping into the shoes of Jolene as she sings the mistress’ verses in Reba’s song. It becomes even more emotional when you realize that this marked the first time ever that 66-year-old McEntire and 75-year-old Parton have teamed up for a duet. As a result, you can tell that Dolly Parton is excited. She took to her official Twitter page to post a preview of the music video for her fans and followers.

“Stepped into the shoes Jolene when @Reba asked me to sing the mistress’ verses in ‘Does He Love You’!” Parton wrote alongside the video. “Our duet and music video are out now!”

Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire Duet Was Perfect Timing

Everyone in the country music business loves Reba McEntire and they love Dolly Parton. After all, it’s pretty hard not to love them. And the two female superstars have been friends for decades. So how in the world have they never gotten together for a duet before now? Trust us, we’re all asking those same questions.

McEntire sat down with Billboard for an interview a couple of days ago where she explained that it was surprising to her as well.

“I’m agreeing with you 100%. I’m shell shocked,” she said. “How have we not done one? Every time I’d hear Dolly doing a duet with somebody else, I would get a little sad or a little jealous, like, ‘I want to do a duet with Dolly.'”

Meanwhile, McEntire says that the two were able to record the video together despite the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the industry. And even though she wishes she and Parton got together sooner, it’s better late than never.

“Everything happens for a reason and timing is everything,” McEntire said of her collaboration with Parton. “So it worked out perfectly.”

Yes. Yes it did work out perfectly. It’s safe to say all country music out there can agree to that.