Dolly Parton Is Getting Her ‘Sparkle On’ in Happy New Year’s Eve Wishes

by Megan Molseed

Dolly Parton gave us a fun Twitter post on New Year’s Eve. But, the post does beget one question…is the iconic Dolly Parton ever really without sparkle?

In the December 31 Twitter post, the country music superstar looks as festive as one can get when ringing in the New Year. She’s looking amazing holding a festive yellow noisemaker and a confetti-covered tophat.

“Happy New Year’s Eve!” the country music star exclaims in her Friday afternoon Twitter post. A wonderful wish to her Twitter fans from such a giving, and lovely person, for sure. Then, the star announces that she is preparing for the late-night ringing in the new year by getting her “sparkle on.”

Sure, the pic is full of sparkle. And, we love every little piece of that. But, we have to wonder, is Dolly Parton ever sparkleless?

Probably not. However, that certainly doesn’t change the awesomeness of the iconic music superstar’s wonderful – and sparkly – New Year’s Eve message!

As a side note to Dolly’s festive message on her Twitter post, it seems necessary to point out that the music superstar is also sporting some fierce – and majorly enviable – long red nails as she readies herself for 2022. Dolly Parton is certainly a colorful person, inside and out…and this is exactly why we love her.

While Dolly Parton may love showing off her colorful style, the woman is also well-known as one of the hardest-working stars in the industry.

In fact, the country music superstar recently accomplished some pretty amazing feats – breaking three Guinness World Records. All for accomplishments she has made within country music. She’s so accomplished that one of the records Parton broke was a record she had already set years prior.

Dolly Parton Breaks Some Impressive Records

The Queen of Country bested herself for the world record of the number of songs that made it onto the Billboard list. Dolly Parton had recently been the Guinness World Record holder in this category…a feat she surpassed even more as she was given a new record this year with an impressive 109 songs making it onto the Billboard list.

The country music legend also set the Guinness World Record for the most decades on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs chart. She shattered this record with seven hits on the chart.

The seventy-five-year-old singer also holds the record for the most No.1 hits at 25 within the female artist category.

Dolly Parton’s run as the Queen of Country began in 1967 with the songs Something Fishy and Dumb Blonde. 

The iconic singer quickly rose to superstar status with these hits, adding more and more generational favorites to her library year after year.

Dolly Parton’s most recent chart-topper is a mesmerizing Does He Love You duet with Reba McEntire; as well as a reimagined cover of Michael Bublé’s Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas.