Dolly Parton Has No Plans to Slow Down: ‘I Just Hope I Live Long Enough to Do More Things’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dolly Parton just celebrated her 75th birthday. She’s enjoyed an iconic career. But she worries that maybe she won’t have enough time to live out all her dreams.

What more could the country star want to do with her life? Plenty of stuff. She said she wakes up with new dreams for her life all the time. In a recent interview with People magazine, Dolly Parton sounded almost like an motivational speaker. Her aura is authentic.

“I think all things are possible,” Dolly Parton said. “In fact, I just hope I live long enough to do more things. That’s the only thing that worries me, that I may run out of time before I see so many of my dreams come true because I wake up with new dreams all the time.”

Parton just realized one dream. She has her own perfume. The quintessential Dolly Parton smell is a blend of mandarin and patchouli with notes of peony, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla.

Parton called it “Scent from Above.” She added “I thought that was a a real good name for it.” So in other words, her fragrance is sent from heaven.

And although designing a fragrance wouldn’t appear to be in her singing/songwriting wheelhouse, she had strong thoughts on how the scent should smell.

What was a no go? “One of those perfumes that when you wake up in the middle of the night — it’s too strong, it almost keeps you awake,” she said.

Instead, she came up with a smell that’s “soft and feminine.”

” But I like it to last, too,” Parton told People. “I like it to be where it’s like, ‘Ooh, what is that?’ I love that. (And) I like it to smell just like something you would want to wear. This one … you feel like you’re laying on a cloud. It smells good!”

Dolly Parton Said She Won’t Spend Offensive Amount on Clothes or Purses

Speaking of something you’d want to wear, Parton recently admitted to buying her outfits off the rack. She’s got plenty of money to buy the most expensive clothes and accessories. But she doesn’t spend an obscene amount.

“I really like to earn money, but I love to spend it, too,” Dolly Parton said. “But I spend it on things that I feel like that’s needed. I’m not the kind of person that will go out and spend like three or four thousand dollars on a coat or one outfit.

“I always think of my daddy or my mama (when it comes to big spending). I can think well on this one purse, my daddy could have lived a whole year on that. They could have fed a family of twelve on what I would pay for a coat.”

She talked more about clothing:

“As far as my everyday clothes, I’m ok with buying off the rack,” Dolly Parton said. “Maybe spruce it up a little bit. Dolly-ize it a little bit. It doesn’t matter to me. I know I look like a material girl, but I’m really not. I’ve got clothes that I’ve worn for years that I still wear with other things like a different blouse or whatever.

“I just wear what I’m comfortable in, and I just kind of live my life that way,” she said. “I have to be comfortable with me.”

Now, about that perfume she’s promoting. You can find it on HSN for a very affordable $59. Here’s hoping Dolly Parton still has plenty of years to live out those new dreams.