Dolly Parton is Rocking in Glorious Throwback Photo, Sends Message to Fans

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

National treasure and Queen of Country Dolly Parton is wishing her fans a fantastic weekend as only she can.

“Hoping your weekend rocks 😉” the beloved icon posts to her official Instagram. Parton keeps it simple when it comes to social media. At 75, she seems to be the only human being capable of using it purely for good, too.

Her perfect caption comes in service to one of Dolly’s most rockin’ throwbacks. Within, she’s decked out in full black leather, with enough gold bangles and accents to fund another COVID vaccine.

Look closely and you’ll spot a pretty brilliant butterfly. Dolly Parton has adopted these beauties as a personal mascot of sorts, especially where her theme park Dollywood is concerned. And in fitting Dolly style, the bedazzled insect is almost as spectacular as her custom guitar:

The love Dolly shows her fans is always reciprocated tenfold, too. “Love you❤️ My hubby and I got our Moderna vaccine yesterday! I loved your jingle. Have a great weekend,” fan Jamie Draper comments on Parton’s weekend well wishes.

“It surely does now. 😍” fellow fan Bruce admires of the photo. Easy there, tiger.

Most fans are choosing to wish the one and only Dolly Parton a rockin’ weekend right back. And we can’t think of a soul that deserves it more.

Dolly Parton: Always a Tennessee Girl

Any fan of Dolly’s knows she comes from the most humble of beginnings. No matter how famous she’s become, nor how hard she rocks out on Instagram, the icon knows and loves that she was born and raised in the Appalachian region of Sevierville, Tennessee. Fans may not know, however, that Dolly Parton is the daughter of a sharecropper – her father, Robert. As the fourth of twelve children reared by her mother, Avie, Dolly grew up in a house full of siblings also having to pull their weight.

“I always feel like I got my work ethic from my dad,” Dolly reveals in our previous coverage. Eventually, her father would come to own their land and grow tobacco on it to support the family. While he advanced in life, Parton says he never lost his humble spirit – or sense of humor. And neither did she.

“Daddy used to go down to the courthouse where they had erected a statue of me,” Dolly recalls. “I remember myself being so proud of that statue. … I thought, ‘A statue of me in the courthouse yard? That’s usually reserved for presidents and people that have done really great things like that.'”

“So I went home and I said, ‘Daddy did you know, they’re putting a statue of me … down at the courthouse?’ And Daddy said, ‘Well yeah, I heard about that.’ And he said, ‘Now to your fans out there you might be some sort of an idol. But to them pigeons, you ain’t nothing but another outhouse.” 

Never change, Dolly Parton. Never, ever change.