Dolly Parton Likes to ‘Dress Up’ for Husband Carl Dean to ‘Keep Things Spicy’

by Maria Hartfield

Country music icon Dolly Parton wed her now-husband of 55-years, Carl Dean on May 30, 1966. After over five decades of being together amidst Parton’s highly successful music career, Dolly reveals her secret to keeping their love life strong.

Parton got deep about their long-lasting romance in an interview with E! News’ Daily Pop on Wednesday. “Every day, I put on some makeup and fix my hair because I think, ‘Well, the whole world, I’m out here and everybody else sees me all dressed up, and I’m not going to just kind of go home and just flop on him.'”

She added, “Nobody wants to make out with a slouch!”

“It’s important to me that I look as good as I can,” Dolly continued. “I think it kind of helps keep things spicy.”

The 76-year-old “9 to 5” singer also remembers posing for the cover of Playboy in 1978, which Dean “always loved.” So much so that she resurrected the signature bunny-ear look in celebration of Dean’s 79th birthday in July.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just go surprise my husband and just cook breakfast for him in my bunny suit,’ ” said Parton. “He got a kick out of it, and evidently a few other people did, too!”

Dolly Parton has one rule when it comes to the kitchen

According to Parton, the couple aren’t always feeling the love.

“Every once in a while I see Carl leaned back, snoring in his La-Z-Boy chair and I think, ‘Where is Jolene when I need her?'” she laughed. Of course, she’s referring to Jolene from her hit single with the same name in which she sings of a woman who’s out to steal her man. “Come on, you can have him now!”

Parton confirms “Jolene” is in fact based on a real person.

“I can’t say her real name,” she said. “I saw her a few years back and she was broad as a barn, so I didn’t feel so threatened anymore after seeing her, [and] I thought, ‘There’s my revenge!'”

In an interview with PEOPLE that took place earlier this week, Dolly told fans she also likes to work with Dean in the kitchen. She does like her time in the kitchen to be quiet for the most part. However, Dean is always welcome to join her, she shared.

“I like it when he comes. A lot of times he’ll sit and watch me, or he’ll talk,” she said. “He’s a pretty good cook. Not a gourmet cook, but I tour so much he’s always, through the years, had to fix things for himself. So he knows how to do that, but he loves my cooking.”

Dolly’s rule in the kitchen is simple. She does the cooking, and he does the cleaning. “I’m a messy cooker, and he’s good about cleaning up for me and keeping the stuff cleaned up around me,” she said. “But sometimes I don’t want anybody around, so I’ll just say, ‘Why don’t you go to the den, I’ll clean this up later or you can help me later.’ “