Dolly Parton Looks Like a Queen in Stunning Throwback Photo Rocking Yellow Dress

by Samantha Whidden

Proving that she absolutely slays in any outfit that she wears, Dolly Parton takes to her Instagram account with a throwback snapshot of herself looking like a true queen.

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try,” Dolly Parton captions the post, which features her wearing a gorgeous yellow and white floral dress with a “Dolly” backdrop. 

Followers of Dolly Parton obviously gushed about the snapshot, with one follow stating, “Love all of this! Love you Queen.”

The latest Instagram throwback post comes just days after Dolly Parton announced the launch of her new perfume “Scent From Above.” As previously reported, the scent has three layers, Top, Heart, and Base Notes. Dolly reveals on the perfumes website that she has been blending her own scent for years. 

“Having my own perfume has always been a dream of mine,” Dolly further explains. “For as long as I can remember, people have commented on my scent. ‘What are you wearing?’ ‘What is that fantastic smell?,’ and ‘Where can I get it?’”

Dolly Parton Admits Tardiness Is A Pet Peeve

In a 2011 interview with Parade, Dolly Parton admits that she absolutely hates it when people are late. “I hate if you’re at a meeting and waiting on somebody,” Dolly explains, referring to herself as the “most prompt person.” She also states that everybody says that if she’s on time, she’s late. 

When asked if she has ever been referred to as a “diva,” Dolly responds, “Oh No! I’m a working girl. I don’t make people bend over backward, and I don’t like that in people. I am definitely no diva.”

Dolly does state she’s very open about her plastic surgery experience by joking that if she sees something sagging, dragging, or bagging, she’ll have it nipped and tucked. “People say I look so happy and I say, ‘Well, that’s Botox!’”

Dolly Reflects On Meeting Her Husband At A Laundromat

While also chatting with Parade, Dolly Parton recalls meeting her husband Carl Thomas Dean, at Nashville’s Wishy Washy Laundromat. “I had left two boyfriends at home and the last thing I wanted was a man,” Dolly explains. “I came to Nashville to work on my music. Wouldn’t you know I met him the very first day?”

Dolly then says it was as if God was saying that Carl is the man that’s going to love and understand her. “Carl felt like he’d been looking for me, someone who wouldn’t try to strangle him because he’s pretty independent.”

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean were married in 1966 in Ringgold Georgia. In May of 2016, Dolly announced the couple was set to return their vows in honor of their 50th anniversary.