Dolly Parton Named Modern Country Artists That Will Stand the Test of Time

by Jon D. B.

The career of Dolly Parton will live on forever, and she has her own opinions on what other country superstars will do the same.

As country music trade The Boots said all the way back in 2008, Dolly Parton has “certainly found the secret to longevity in the business.” But they didn’t stop there. The outlet wanted to know “who else” Dolly herself thought had a shot at an equally long career. While some of her answers would be quick to the draw for country fans, her initial, knee-jerk choice was and is a thoughtful and appropriate, if not surprising, answer.

Alison Krauss will be around doing great things forever,” Parton says of her fellow brilliant singer/songwriter. While the two share country music in common, Krauss’ true roots lie in Bluegrass and Folk, two genres this Outsider finds little comparison to her within. Krauss may as well be the Dolly Parton of Bluegrass.

Then, Dolly names her other choices in addition to the genius of Alison Krauss:

“I think Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney and, of course, Garth – he’s proved that he can be whatever he wants to be… He can work or not work and still be just as popular,” she offers for The Boots in 2008. We’d place “Brooks” behind “Garth,” but if you’re here, then you know that Garth is to Garth Brooks as Dolly is to Dolly Parton. There are no equals.

As for any other choices, Dolly plays the diplomat going further.

“There are a lot of great artists, so it’s hard to say,” she continues. “You never know when you start out what’s going to happen and who’s gonna last. But there are a lot of new, young artists who have the goods.”

Dolly Parton Never Tires of Her Timeless Career, Either

Dolly’s answer comes as part of a bigger piece by The Boots titled “11 Questions With Dolly Parton,” and their follow-up question reveals that – while a timeless career may feel and be daunting to some – it is the exact opposite to Miss Parton.

If you’ve ever wanted to know if Dolly finds endless touring and appearances and performances grueling or monotonous, here’s your answer:

“You know what, I’ve loved it from day one,” she said at the time. “It’s always what I’ve wanted to do, and I’m a gypsy at heart — I’ve always loved one-nighters. In fact, I much prefer doing one night or just a couple of days in a row.”

This doesn’t mean she hasn’t found some aspects of the glitz and glamor boring. In fact, Dolly says that even when she was “making big money, spending two to three weeks at a time in Vegas, I’d just get so bored being in the same spot.”

“But I love being onstage… I’m not faking that!” she clarifies afterward.

What would we do without Dolly Parton? A timeless treasure, indeed.