Dolly Parton Opens Up About Recording Duet ‘Words’ With Barry Gibb

by Quentin Blount

The country music queen Dolly Parton sat down for an interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday evening. During it, she talks about collaborating with Fallon on her Christmas album, being featured on Barry Gibb’s new album Greenfields and the warehouse where she keeps memorabilia.

However, it was an interesting conversation where Parton opens up about recording the duet “Words” with Barry Gibb.

“1982 was the last time I worked with Barry,” Parton says in the video. “He produced, and as you know, he and his brothers wrote ‘Islands in the Stream.’ He produced an album for Kenny Rogers and that was the last time I had seen him.”

Parton says that she loves the Bee Gees and she was super excited that Gibb asked her to sing with him.

“I love the Bee Gees, I love their voices and I love their songs,” Parton says. “So when Barry said he was putting out this album Greenfields, he asked if I would sing ‘Words.’ And I have been singing that song for years. In my early days when the song came out I used to sing along.”

She goes on to say that it was a “natural” fit. You can watch the entire interview between Parton and Fallon below.

So it was just natural,” she explains. “I love singing with him. He’s got such a great voice and is such a nice man.”

Sneak Peak of Parton-Gibb Duet

Later during the interview, Fallon shows a photo of Dolly Parton and Barry Gibb recording the song. Parton then took the time to explain the nostalgia she felt recording at that particular studio.

“Well that studio is one of the RCA studios that has such a great history,” Parton explains. “There’s studio A and studio B. And so there’s so many great people like Elvis, Roy Orbison, me, and all of the great artists from years past. I have not been in that studio in years either. So, when I walked in to sing the song with Barry, it was just an amazing feeling.”

In a recent Twitter post, Parton says she was honored to perform with her friend, Gibb.

Dolly Parton Explains How ‘9 to 5’ Became ‘5 to 9’

Most every country music fan knows the classic Dolly Parton tune “9 to 5.”

The song is one of the country icon’s most popular and we continue to talk about it to this day, nearly 40 years later. It is a song all about motivation, hard work, and working as part of the corporate machine.

She admits to Jimmy Fallon during their interview that the rhythm of the song comes from the sound that her acrylic nails make when she rubs them together. In fact, her nails are even listed as part of the instrumental credits.

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton has recently been a part of an advertising campaign with Squarespace. The ad will debut during Super Bowl LV.

Squarespace is a site that allows people to make their own website. Parton discusses with Fallon about how the site is perfect for people who have a “side hustle.”

She considers herself a part of that group category after getting into her own new side hustle — making perfume. She now has her own perfume line called “Scent From Above.” Of course, her website is run through Squarespace.

For Dolly Parton, changing up the lyrics of her hit song was a way to honor a whole new generation of workers. Now, more and more hardworking individuals “tumble outta bed” at 5 a.m. or earlier. The song can also represent those who work after hours from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“This was really a wonderful way to kinda connect with new generations, let some new people be in the ad and I’m not actually all over it, but I’m in it,” Parton said.