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Dolly Parton Prepares to Release Debut Novel with Companion Album

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

With her debut novel Run, Rose, Run, set to make its debut on March 7th, Dolly Parton is reportedly gearing up to release the book’s companion album as well. 

As previously reported, Dolly Parton announced plans to write Run, Rose, Run with best-selling author James Patterson over the summer. The book is about a young woman who moves to Nashville to follow her dream of becoming a music superstar. However, the source of the woman’s songs is a “brutal” secret that she is desperately trying to hide. The novel is notably “glittering with danger and desire.”

The description for Dolly Parton’s book reads, “Every song tells a story. She’s a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her. She’s also on the run. Find a future, lose a past. Nashville is where she’s coming to claim her destiny. It’s also where the darkness she’d fled might find her. And destroy her.”

Speaking about teaming up with Patterson for the novel, Dolly Parton stated in August, “I cannot be more excited about the release of my first novel Rose, Run, Run with the great James Patterson. I hope you enjoy the book and the songs as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together.”

As part of the companion album for Run, Rose, Run, Dolly Parton released the single Big Dreams and Faded Jeans on Friday (January 14th). According to Rolling Stone, the companion album will have 12 new tracks total. It will be co-produced by Richard Dennison and Tom Rutledge. Other songs on the album are Snakes in the Grass, Blue Bonnet Breeze, Woman Up and Take it Like a Man, and Secrets. The album also features collaborations with Ben Jaggard and Joe Nichols. It will be available on March 4th. 

James Patterson Talks Working Alongside Dolly Parton for ‘Run, Rose, Run’ 

During a recent interview with Monthly Portland, James Patterson spoke about working with Dolly Parton on her first novel Run, Rose, Run. “It’s been great,” the author declared. “I had a notion for a book. I like the idea of people succeeding against all odds. And to some extent, both Dolly and I have done that.”

The best-selling author also explained that he had an idea for a story about people succeeding. This time it happened to be about a woman who sings, writes, and plays instruments with a specific country music sound. That’s why he decided to contact Dolly Parton. “Her fear was, ‘I’m not just gonna sign my name to something.’ And I said, ‘Oh no, trust me. I want you to be involved.’”

So, Patterson went down to Nashville and met up with Dolly Parton. They hit it off and, to him, it’s been great.