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Dolly Parton Releases Music Video for ‘Pretty Paper’ Duet with Willie Nelson

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by KMazur/Getty Images)

Two of America’s favorite icons, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, are causing an eruption in the country music world after the duo recently released a music video. 

On Tuesday, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson dropped a music video of their rendition of Nelson’s classic Christmas tune, “Pretty Paper.” 

On Instagram, Parton promoted the track, making sure to give credit to her outlaw country bestie. 

“I have always loved @willienelsonofficial’s ‘Pretty Paper,'” The Knoxville-native said. “When I started working on #AHollyDollyChristmas I just knew I had to do a version of it. Willie was kind enough to join me! If you’re in the U.S. you can watch the video NOW on Facebook before it’s live everywhere tomorrow.”

On Facebook, it seems the music video is already becoming a hit among the fans. One user commented, “Thank you for doing a version of this song,” they wrote. “My mom loved this song and she would turn the radio up and sing when Roy Orbison’s version played. She passed away in 2005 but the memories flood back when I hear this song. You have helped to brighten the holidays Dolly.”

Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson Create Christmas Magic with New Video

The video is a cute take on an old classic: the animated versions of the country stars are singing together as they ride around a small Texas town. The video even makes sure to get in Nelson’s signature braids and Parton’s iconic blonde hair.

The two couldn’t be more different when it comes to music. Parton’s high-as-the-heavens-hair and spunky music is a stark contrast to Nelson’s outlaw country lyrics and frequent marijuana smoke breaks. 

However, their friendship stretches back to their early days in Nashville. In the ’60s, the two were both signed to the same publishing company working as songwriters. Unbeknownst to them, the two would develop a friendship that would blossom throughout the decades. 

When Parton began recruiting special guests to join her on her new Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, she knew Nelson had to be featured. Specifically, Parton wanted to cover Nelson’s holiday tune, “Pretty Paper.” Parton has always said she loved the song and wanted Nelson to be a part of her rendition. 

“I could not do a Christmas album at this time without doing this song,” Parton told her friend, who responded in his signature Willie-Nelson-Way: “Aw, hell, you think you gotta ask me that? Of course, I’m gonna sing a duet with you on it.”

Parton and Nelson’s fresh take on “Pretty Paper” sticks to the classic “Nashville Sound” felt on Nelson’s original 1964 recording. The updated rendition keeps the chorus of background vocals and highlights Nelson’s famous guitar riff.  

“Willie’s guitar is about as famous as his voice,” Parton reflects. “It’s so funny that our voices blend so well together because they’re so different … When we’re together, it’s like, nobody sounds like that.”