Dolly Parton Releases Strawberry Pretzel Pie Collaboration with Jeni’s Ice Cream: How to Buy a Pint

by Clayton Edwards

Dolly Parton is many things. She’s a legendary musician. Early in her career, she broke the mold as a female entertainer. Dolly and a few other ladies of country music paved the way for every woman in the genre today. At the same time, she has a big, giving heart and is one of the most humble people to walk the earth. She has turned down several honors that many people can only dream of. Calling Dolly the Queen of Country Music is almost insulting because she’s so much more.

Dolly Parton is passionate about children’s literacy. That is why she started the Imagination Library, the charity that sends free books to kids all around the world. Recently, Dolly teamed up with Jeni’s Ice Cream to release a limited-edition ice cream flavor. Sales of the flavor will benefit the charity. It’s one of those rare cases where just about everybody wins. Fans who get in on the drop soon enough get some great strawberry pretzel pie ice cream. They also get to know that their money is going to inspire the love of reading in children around the globe. What could go wrong?

Dolly Parton Broke the Jeni’s Ice Cream Site

The thing that can go wrong is that Dolly Parton draws an enormous crowd. In fact, she drew enough people to crash the Jeni’s Ice Cream site. That’s a real bummer for everyone involved. It doesn’t look like many people, if any, were able to score a pint of the Dolly-inspired ice cream. Within minutes of the flavor going live, the site went down. As a result, they are delaying the drop.

The ice cream company addressed the issue in an Instagram post. They started the message by thanking everyone for trying to buy their new Dolly Parton- inspired flavor. They went on to explain that they had tested their servers for a higher-than-normal rate of traffic. Also, they expected the pints to sell out quickly. However, when the pints dropped, the site saw fifty times their average traffic. The site went down and stayed down for much longer than they expected. Then, it took them a while to make a statement about the crash on social media because they were more focused on fixing the problem.

Because of the high demand for the Dolly Parton-inspired ice cream, they are delaying the drop until they can be sure the site can withstand the wave of traffic. This means that you won’t be able to buy the strawberry pretzel pie flavor online today. However, it will be available in the near future. The ice creamery promised to give a 48-hour notice on social media before the flavor goes live again. They will also send that notice to those who are signed up for their mailing list.

If you have a Jeni’s Ice Creams Scoop Shop near you, can still go in and get some of the limited edition Dolly Parton ice cream. However, purchases are limited to two pints per customer. Even with these limitations, they expect to sell out fast.