Dolly Parton Reminds Us All Why She’s the Queen of Country Music With Legendary New Pic & Inspiring Message

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

On Wednesday (September 8th) country superstar Dolly Parton took to her Instagram with a snapshot and inspiring message that proves she is the Queen of country music. 

“I had a gift of rhyme and a big imagination and that’s just how I started … and how I’m still a-goin’ ❤️,” Dolly Parton shared with the gorgeous photo. 

The latest snapshot comes just days after Dolly Parton shared a throwback pic of her first performance on the Porter Wagoner Show. She performed her hit single “Dumb Blonde.” The song was released in November 1966 and was written by Curly Putman. It was included in Parton’s 1967 debut album, “Hello, I’m Dolly.”

“Dumb Blonde” was Dolly Parton’s first song to chart on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. It peaked at number 24. 

Dolly Parton Recalls How She Met Her Husband Carl Dean 

During a 2012 interview with Interview magazine, Dolly Parton looked back on when she first met her long-time husband, Carl Dean. “I met him the first day I got to Nashville, in 1964,” Parton recalled. “I graduated on a Friday night, went to Nashville on a Saturday morning with dirty clothes and I went to a laundromat looking for anything but love.”

Parton then said that she just left two boyfriends back home and she had no interest in getting involved with another man. “I had gone to Nashville to really get started in the business,” Parton stated. “I met him at a Why Washy and he’s been wishy-washy ever since.”

Parton and Dean dated for two years before they got married in 1966. The country superstar also explained that she gets herself in “love trouble” because she’s so passionate. “I love so much and so deep. But Carl’s a special guy. I didn’t have any problems with him.”

Dolly Parton Talks Struggles in Music Business

When asked if she gets lonely while on the road and touring, Parton shared, “Yes, but I can fix that sh—. Though it causes me trouble. At the time I was making some decisions, making myself go way, way back to muddy waters.”

Parton then admitted that she had a personal business affair. “I have a tendency to be awfully big-hearted. And it’s very hard for me to say no, even when I need to,” the singer shared. She said she can handle the business itself, but when it comes to getting into business where she’s very attached to people, she finds that very hard. 

“I was going through a period of time that the nerves and tension and the stress were actually what got me sick,” Parton goes on to add. “So then it was like, ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’”