Dolly Parton Reveals Her Heartfelt ‘Birthday Wish For Everyone’ as She Turns 75

by Matthew Wilson

They say you’re not supposed to reveal your birthday wish. But this year, Dolly Parton blew out the candles for everyone across the globe.

Parton turns 75-years-old today (Jan. 19), and the country legend wants to share a little cheer and goodwill with everyone else. She has high hopes for 2021. The country is coming off a year marked with political and social turmoil as well as a global pandemic.

While she’s celebrating the big 75 with a low-key occasion, her birthday wish is as big and as grand as they come. She wishes for everyone to be kind to each other.

“However, I do have a birthday wish that I want to share with you. My wish is that everyone does something a little different today. Let’s call it a call for kindness. If you want to donate to your favorite cause, then donate,” Parton wrote. She urged people to donate to worthy causes. “If you want to give an old friend a call during these lonely times, give them a call, if you can safely volunteer, then raise your hand to do so. If you decide that today is the day you get a dog, then run down to the shelter and find your new buddy. The choices are limitless.”

Dolly Parton Urges People to Look Toward Tomorrow

Dolly Parton is looking toward the future in her birthday address. The country legend insists what people do today will affect the world of tomorrow. She urged her fans and others to put in the hard work for not only a brighter future but also a brighter present, today.

“I always encourage people to dream big. But I also take great care to follow that up with the message to work hard,” Parton continued. “We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work for a brighter day. Love too often gets buried in a world of hurt and fear. We have to work to dig it out so we can share it with our family, our friends, and our neighbors. So today, January 19th, let’s get to unearthing love. Love is more contagious than a virus so let your best self shine in a glorious light, and others will be inspired by you.”

As for others, Parton hopes hers and everybody else’s birthday wishes come true. The country singer has certainly done her part in trying to make the world a better place. Not resting on her music laurels, Parton also donated $1 million to the research into a viable COVID-19 vaccine. Perhaps, her wish will come true and brighter days are ahead.