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Dolly Parton Says She Doesn’t Plan to Slow Down Anytime Soon

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

These days, it can seem hard to find common ground. At times, it seems like everything is a highly-debated hot button topic. This is why the Outsider team loves Dolly Parton. We can all come together over our love, respect, and admiration of Dolly.

When Will Dolly Hang Up Her Spurs?

At 75 years old, most folks would be thinking about retirement. Luckily, that’s not the case for Dolly Parton. In fact, she has no plans to pump the breaks in the near future. Recently, she caught up with People Magazine. During the interview, she talked about why she’ll keep going and when she’ll retire.

“I can’t stop now. I’ve learned you can’t just say ‘Oh, my dream’s come true and I’m walking out of here.’ No, you’ve got to show you’re grateful and show that you’re not going to just leave it all in the hands of other people,” Dolly Parton told the publication.

Then, she revealed when she plans to retire. “I’m going to be right here, doing what I’m doing ‘til I fall over dead,” she assured People.

Honestly, that’s some of the best news we’ve heard in quite a while. Knowing that Dolly Parton plans to continue doing all the things she does until she can’t anymore is a relief. At the same time, it’s an inspiration and one more reason she’s one of our favorite people.

Dolly Parton: An Outsider Favorite

After all, what’s not to love? Dolly Parton gave us some of the best songs in country music history. Tracks like “Jolene,” “I Will Always Love You,” and “Coat of Many Colors” are all-timers. If we were to compile a list of the best songs ever written they’d all be there. However, Dolly is so much more than just a killer songwriter and performer.

She also shows the world how to be generous and appreciative. For instance, she made it big and then poured money into her hometown. Additionally, her Imagination Library has put over a million books into the hands of kids across the country. Last year, she dropped a million bucks to fund vaccine research. Then, instead of using her clout and celeb status to jump in line, she waited to get the shot. That’s really just scratching the surface of all the great things she’s done over the years.

In short, Dolly Parton is kind of a hero to us here at Outsider.  She doesn’t just embody our desire to find common ground with our fellow Americans, she became that common ground through her art, actions, and attitude. The fact that she did all of this while living her dream makes her all the more special to us.